Apple Pay support


did you see this page?


that one is from months like this :joy: so old news anyway…


Would anybody tell me over a comprehensive assessment why apple pay is getting so difficult. I am asking this for a university research project on Revolut.


Because Apple/Google sucks… but unfortunately there is no alternative…


They suck but when it comes to your money you will want to know that the institution fulfill all the security and regulation requirements from all sides to have a go :slight_smile: I also want it fast but thats the way …


Almost October and nothing. :frowning:


Last October we were just this sad, hahaha :slight_smile:
Atleast this year it is coming soon on Apple Pay’s website, so that’s something :slight_smile:


I can see the next October coming soon and we will be on the same boat probably :joy:


Hi, wait the next 4 days, please. The Polish biggest bank PKO BP will implement Apple Pay at Tuesday, 2nd of October. I do hope Revolut will do the same in France.


Me too



Why should i be exited for the polish bank or the french apple pay as Im not in these both countries? Btw why should be any link to these two separate events i do not see any connection?!


so quiet here :smile:


Yes, even the hope died.


G Pay works brilliantly :wink:


With a small set of random Mastercard cards (not mine).


Don’t worry, just sell your iPhone!


Hello :wave: October 2018 :slight_smile:


Hello 2019 with no news, waiting in the corner crying :joy: