Apple Pay support


Well, Amex acceptance did improve recently in Germany, but still …


Most of my EUR expenditure is not in Germany.


Last year I saw a tweeter post from :r: saying for Apple Pay they have to start issuing their own cards, is that right? Are they start issuing their own?
My MC says PAYSAFE (Visa not saying nothing when checking, both from March), so what about all other cards before 3-4 months that are spread already?


They are issuing their own cards since late 2017, I believe.


It’s complicated.
They are issuing their own card and at the same time the back of the card it’s completely empty.

They miss out even the standard words and phrases like “issuing by” or “sign here/ authorized signature” or “in case of a lost card contact” even the iso number is missing.

The bin belongs to a debit card but there is no official debit badge on it and at the corner says prepaid. It’s really too complicated.


That’s because their cards are not debit.

Its strange if they issuing their cards why mine from March 2018 BIN says PAYSAFE. I have checked Monzo and n26 and it is saying Monzo and n26, but non of my 2018 Revolut cards says Revolut?!


A lot of people here mentioned a card from revolut itself with France as an issued country.


My Revolut Metal Mastercard is Issued by Revolut LTD from france.
Premium one is from Unione di branche Italiane S.C.P.A from Italy.
Visa says its from GB but with no Issued Bank. info.
Maestro is from Austria also no Issued Bank info.

All are from last month. So at least metal mastercards seems to be issued by revolut.


Ahh thats why France first for Apple pay, but… then all other cards is that means that they have to be replaced?


Do not rely on online BIN databases. It seems that Revolt is using something Mastercard calls account ranges. After a 6 digits bin, up to 5 (?) additional digits could be used to differentiate countries, for example. This is why some BIN checkers might show France, while the card is actually still issued in UK, but with a country identifier for Germany. This way. German customers can add their card to iTunes for example. If it would be indeed a French issued card, this would not work.


New cards from August are issued by revolut and will be compatible with Apple Pay. If you’re in a country where Apple Pay it’s officialy available


19th of September and still no news from Revolut. This is totally unacceptable.


I was pretty sure nothing will happen along ios 12/apple event, we are just on the same boat floating in the fog from 1year so far :slight_smile: wobbling between the self-guessing and hoping, :slight_smile:, nevertheless:



I’m wondering who made that joke, about Apple event or even Apple iOS 12 release and everyone took it serious?

Even the ceo said that they are going to launch revolut at the end of the year in US, so that’s the most possible way to introduce Apple Pay in US/EU.


US?! they are not even landed there, no way to start it there before EU


Who knows? Their partner over there might have already implemented it. And interchange fees are about 10 times higher.

As long as we don’t have a clue what is holding them back here in EU, everything seems possible.


that will be embarrassing :fearful::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


When you would have to pick a partner bank in the US, would you pick one that already issues cards that are compatible with Apple Pay or would you pick one that does not?


BTW everything is ready also on Apple side, if not, we wouldn’t have the “Revolut - Coming Soon” phrase in the Apple official site.


how do you know that? :roll_eyes: