Apple Pay support


If they are waiting for iOS 12 which is so soon (omg everytime I write “soon” I start to laugh :joy:) there should be at least some activity or hipe as the metal card “stay tuned 3 2 1” announcement. I think this is completely in the fog so maybe there are some other priorities going on under the hood.


I don’t think that is possible due to very strict agreements with Apple.


Hello everyone, after some internal contacts, Revolut is completely ready for Apple Pay since a while. However, they still need to wait on Apple for it to be fully implemented.


What are they waiting for Apple to do? Release iOS 12?


Availability in as many countries as possible might be more relevant than a specific iOS version?

:r: : “Let’s do Apple Pay”.
:apple: : “Onboarding for new partner banks in Europe is scheduled for 1st half of November.”
:r: : “Okay”.

Could be as simple as that.


If that was the case they will not be saying every 2 weeks soon and on the corner from the beginning of the year :slight_smile:


What they’re saying and what’s actually behind it is it not necessarily fully transparent. It never was with any bank dealing with Apple here. It could be simply a matter of the agreement. You typically see these stages:

“We’re observing the market, mobile payment is interesting for us, but there aren’t any concrete plans.”

And then when a bank is committed:

"We’re working on it. No ETA / or “soon” " –that might be all they’re allowed to say before Apple actually announces a date.

Then you’ve go all kinds of things coming up on the way. I can imagine that it took Revolut a while to implement the necessary infrastructure for regional limitations. They might have missed an earlier window, where Apple offered them to onboard them due to technical problems.

Then Apple might have postponed because after Google Pay entered the German market, Apple changed priorities. And now the next possibility to hop on for Revolut is later this year. And of course this is all speculation. My point is I can see many scenarios where statements in the past about an expected launch were honest and as transparent as Apple allowed them to be.

Revolut might have expected the launch earlier, and changes in plans and unexpected events on both sides, Revolut and Apple, technical and strategical, caused a delay. And we won’t know because they can’t be discussed publicly.


You mean your Revolut Visa card? If yes under iOS 12? or iOS 11?


Do new banks are added to Apple Pay specific times per year or it is continuous adding?

There is another thing I found maybe there is also another example in other countries where the customers will be left surprised even :r: implement apple pay. For example in Bulgaria 90% of the POS terminals are operated by one local authorizing card company (BORICA) and Apple Pay is not working it gives error invalid card (already tried with Monzo and n26). So in the currently unsupported countries can be local obstacles that can bring down our hype, unfortunately…


Just thought I’d add for those who were curious. I’ve had a premium card with a 54134891 BIN that worked in iTunes issued in Aug and is seen as a local card, the free VISA 45965480 shows as a UK card only and works only with a UK iTunes (or any other UK account). The new free card is a Mastercard with the BIN 52734692 and this ALSO works in iTunes and is a local EUR “Spain issued” card, which is relevant to where I live. The older premium card with 54134821 shows as a EUR card but issued in Germany so it doesn’t work in iTunes at all.


No. I’m replying to Frank’s post about the Maestro/VPay/Visa Electron network support spotted on iOS 12, and I’m saying that VPay and Visa Electron is supported in iOS already. Not the Revolut Visa, sadly. But I suspect Revolut might announce support of Apple Pay on Monday due to the iOS 12 release.


Yes, I believe my earlier post about someone “spotting” new supported networks was nonsense. That blog post I was referring to didn’t get the facts straight. Apologies for any confusion.


It’s no problem :grinning:


I still not get how officially :r: is shown only on FR site…


Guys, I have bad news :disappointed_relieved:

Apple Pay isn’t coming with iOS 12 (at least, according to Support)





I am not surprised. It is in line with what Revolut said May 2018 when asked about Apple Pay. I am paraphrasing:

”We haven’t said this before but we can say that we’re staring with Apple Pay probably in France first".

So there were plans about that. We just don’t know if anything changed in the meantime and if this still is true. But a singular “coming soon” on the FR Apple page dies not contradict anything.


By the time Revolut supports Apple Pay, I expect that one of my German banks will have started supporting it, in which case Revolut will lose out on merchant fees on my expenditure.


You don’t have to stay loyal forever or use your German bank exclusively once Revolt offers it. You can add more than one card to your wallet. :wink:


True, or this delay might prompt me to get a points-earning EUR-denominated American Express card that supports Apple Pay. Amex’s UK-issued international currency cards still don’t though.