Apple Pay support


While it was necessary to have a certain iOS version to be able to use Apple Pay in the past (iOS 12 is supposed to support Maestro cards, for example), the activation for new banks is always via remote servers.


That could be what they’re waiting for then.


At this moment, I don’t think we will see Apple Pay with Revolut until at least in October, when probably Germany will be provisioned.


and why is that?! most of the countries do not have/use maestro anymore which is replaced by standard MC


I’m not sure how far Revolut is with their homework. One of their copy and paste phrases on Twitter when asked about mobile payments is something like “working hard in making our cards NFC-capable”, which is obscure in itself. But it could refer to preparing their IT accordingly for card virtualization.

Since they have a lot of legacy cards on their system, issued by Paysafe and Wirecard back then, I can see that they are in a difficult spot. They might be able to offer Apple Pay only to customers who got a card relatively recently.


It could be just an internal project management thing. Why would you want to do all the development and IT system updates twice when you know that you have to do it again when Maestro becomes available. It might be more efficient that way.


It’s still a large number of cards. And critical in some markets.

1993: 15 Mio. cards
2009: 583 Mio cards

95 % of Germans have a Maestro/Vpay cobadged Girocard. Only about 30% (?) a credit card. Since iOS 12 is supposed to support the networks Maestro, Vpay and Visa Electron, this could be also a “backdoor” to add many cobadged cards.

After all, Revolut introduced a Maestro card for customers in some markets like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, due to customer demand. When they decided this was a wise business decision back then, it’s probably also reasonable to make them compatible with Apple Pay.


I do not know but my gut is saying the most probable thing - they just have some technical issues or requirements from Apple making the delays…


I suspect Revolut is having a hard time with costs, maybe the reason why the Metal cards are different is because Apple Pay will only be able to be used by Metal users. I would really hate this though.


Not only Metal cards seem to be “different”. Users also reported “localized” premium cards. They also recently started issuing standard Mastercards again, but there aren’t yet any reports if these cards could be added to iTuens outside UK, for example.

Since cashback already reduces revenue from card payments with Metal, Apple Pay makes it even worse. So if they’re going to limit the feature, I would expect them to offer it at least for Premium and Metal.


Savage. No Apple Pay :laughing:

Es. All new cards have localised BIN by country. This means, my new card ordered in August can’t be registered to google pay neither.


Are there non-localized cards out there that work with Google Pay?


My MasterCard ordered in February works with google pay :slight_smile:
Just the new one it doesn’t. And the BIN is Romania localised.


Given that Revolut has issued a lot of Maestro cards to customers in certain countries and that Apple Pay doesn’t support Maestro until iOS 12, it looks very likely that Revolut is waiting for iOS 12 to be released on Monday 17th September 2018 before launching Apple Pay. Does Google Pay already support Maestro cards?


Maybe that is the reason why the Google Pay rollout came to a halt? Either Google or Revolut realized that localization needs to be implemented properly first?


Did Google Pay stopped working? According to Google Pay’s documentation, it’s working in Mastercard cards only.


I was referring to the roll out, not individual users. It is still in beta and Visa cards aren’t implemented. There is no ETA when it is going to be available for all users.


I can’t see anything saying that Apple Pay doesn’t support Maestro until iOS 12.


The code for Maestro / Vpay / Visa Electron network support was spotted in a recent iOS 12 beta. It’s certainly true that that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there before. I believe at least Maestro was supported earlier.


Yeah. I have a Visa on Apple Pay that is both Electron and VPay.