Apple Pay support


Well, there is some lack of understanding of the principle of the EU single market, I agree. At least Apple is consistent here. It also does not make sense that their iTunes Store DRM is tied to the BIN country code. This also does not make sense from a EU perspective, especially since they could easily achieve this with AVS instead.


In other words it makes it even easier to spend money without thinking? This must be all merchants dream come true.

For the sake of people’s finances, this apple and Google pay delay sounds like a good thing :yum:


First, let them pay thier taxes and then we’ll see about google and Apple Pay.


That’s a non-sequitur. My decision to pay money to a merchant is not influenced by the ease with which I can transact. My decision is influenced only by whether I need the product and whether the price is good value. However, my decision as to whether or not to pay with Revolut (instead of with another card) is very much influenced by the ease with which I can pay, so Revolut’s delay in Apple Pay is detrimental to Revolut.


It comes down to exactly that, is it truly your decision?

I’m in no hurry getting the solutions, how ever I do see why people of today would want it. I guess I’m very old in mind if not in body :rofl:


The delay may be related to the banking license if Apple have such requirement


They don’t need that. :slight_smile:


There is no such requirement.


I wonder then what is that which keep them implementing it with such a huge delay…


Until recently, they have been negotiating the fees imposed by Apple since they were too high and Apple was unwilling to lower them (classic Apple :green_apple:). Now that they’ve finally reached an agreement, presumably they are just testing it so they make sure it’s in full working order before release :slight_smile:


Apple is looking for a partner in Europe to provide the ‘‘apple pay cash’’ service. Apple try to buy a low budget company for that, but an automobile manufacturer buy that company first.


@c0stin, I think they did not start testing it, as the bets iOS testers would have been posted here such news.


@c0stin, where did you get this information? Is this a fact or a guess?


@NFH , this is what I’ve been told at a RevRally by Chad West, the head of marketing :wink:
@Vebaev , from what I’ve seen on Twitter, Apple Pay is currently being tested by Revolut’s employees only :slight_smile:


I think that Apple doesn’t allow to have public beta of Apple Pay.


Employees based in France, right? :slight_smile:


Not specified :man_shrugging: :wink:


Just stumbled upon that:

translated by Google:

Revolut users will soon be able to use their smartphone to pay in stores. The NeoBan native to Britain - which has nearly 350,000 customers in France - will also make its cards compatible with Apple Pay in “the coming weeks”, told us the communication fintech. In addition, Revolut also wishes to be part of the pioneers of Google Pay in France. The mobile payment tool for Android phones is already being tested with Revolut’s overseas customers. And the Neobanque will offer it to its French users as soon as it is available in France, she told us.

Original article:


La néobanque originaire de Grande-Bretagne - qui compte près de 350 000 clients en France

It’s interesting that around 35% of Revolut’s customers are in France. I attribute that to French banks’ illogical rip-off pricing - charging hefty annual fees for debit cards (which earn revenue for the banks) but not charging for cheques (which cost the banks money).


More like 17.5%. Revolut has now 2.5MM users.

Found that number here which is a 2 day old article