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Yes, and her super powers are NFC shockwaves.


Hey Germany,

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Apple Pay


So, Revolut told me in July that the launch of Apple Pay is really really really close…what is that meaning? 2019?


in 2017 it was close, in the end of 2017 very close, in the beginning of 2018 very very close, in march 2018 really close, in July 2018 really really close, now we are in August and it’s really really really close. I will expect for September that it will be really really really really close.


It’s so close, you can actually smell it


Don’t worry they said “very soon” in April 2017, I think “really close” should be 2020 :slight_smile: Personally I do not keep much hope at least for 2018…


I do not think it is coming in 2018, this is turning out like a big joke… I think I’m going to n26 soon… (but not soon like revolut soon I mean soon soon)


If you check Apple’s france website, it still says coming soon, which means it’s up to a month,or less…

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But it is only for France, and they did not even start testing it in the beta app so there is no real evidence…we know this coming soon thing… And I little fear it will be a country based where Apple Pay is supported, hope my fears will not become true…

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As far as I know, Apple doesn’t want a “beta test”. It’s either live or not. And I would assume that it is limited to billing addresses in countries where Apple Pay is officially available, if N26 and Bunq are any evidence. No more Boon loopholes.

It is not a loophole but how Boon offer Apple pay officially in Germany and Austria than?

They do not offer it officially there. The Boon app is localized. You need to download the app from the local iTunes Store from a country where Apple Pay is supported. The Boon app is not available at all at the German app store. Only if you use a fake Apple ID with a billing address from that same country, you can set up Boon. (Which is, most likely, already a breach of the iTunes T&Cs. Apple just does not care much about this. But how this is tied into the long history of iTunes DRM is a completely different story :wink: )

Wirecard “outsourced” the liability for the country check to Apple. Clever. And I believe Bunq and N26 are evidence that Apple made sure that this isn’t happening again.

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Oh… you boil down my hopes for Apple Pay than…:cry:

I would not mind if I am proven wrong :wink: . And Apple is bringing Apple Pay to more countries slowly. So fingers crossed.

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@Frank, I do not know if the app is on the German/Austrian/Belgium store but the site is officially telling me that is supported:

Boon is available in Germany, but only on Anddoid. Check their German website. You’ll only find a Play Store button.

(And Wirecard wasn’t using Google Pay for it but their own app when they introduced it since Android allows access to the NFC chip. Since Google Pay started in Germany recently, they now do support Google Pay.)

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Oh I see, then it is almost clear that will happen…

Hey guys, thanks for the conversation and for sharing my first world problem. Please be so kind and stop making up facts you don’t know anything about. I assume nobody of you knows anything about the policys of Apple pay. If yes you would not write about here, as Apple has some pretty hard contracts. It goes even so far that real players, let’s say the biggest German financial institution is not allowed to talk about it. So it doesn’t help to give reasons without proof. At the end boon is working with a trick, that was communicated as “official” tryout for Germany. Apple would shut it down rapidly, if they wanted to. As wirecard is not even close to any relevant in the sector. Bunq is in a market where fees are normal. So they don’t bother with non paying consumers from other countries, just leeching their good processing. Why would they make such a feature available to customers who will never use the account for any else than online gambling (the product was never competitive in the German market for example). Revolut is offering to all customers in the EU. So the exclusion of single counties will be a deal breaker for many. So let’s hope the best…

In Germany and Austria only GPay is supported.

And this Apple Pay “support” cat and mouse game BS makes no sense in Euro zone.