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In the scenario that I described above, the card holder authorised a EUR amount and handed the terminal back to the merchant. The merchant then changed the amount after authorisation to a GBP amount.

What do you mean by “authorised” exactly? You swiped your card, thats it, the transaction has not even been initiated at that point.

I’m not talking about swiping, which is now quite rare (except in the United States), but about tapping contactlessly. The card holder then enters the PIN if it’s over the contactless limit. That’s the action of authorising. It seems that the card terminal then doesn’t immediately transmit that authorisation, and holds back pending an attempt at DCC. My point is that Apple Pay possibly doesn’t allow this delay.

@NFH is totally right. That happened to me several times and it’s really annoying.

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I wish that it doesn’t happen! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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I don’t want to destroy your hope, but it depends on terminal.
I’ve experienced situation when DCC question is asked at the end of payment process (after contactless payment by card/phone and typing PIN).

BTW. @alessandro is right terminal doesn’t send info about DCC but only about currency. So if merchant chooses DCC- there is info about payment in GBP and :r: has nothing to do with this… In such situation your GBP account will be debited (if you have enough money in it)

That was my point, the transaction is not even initiated at that point.

Technically, I am not sure which action constitutes the final authorisation but - if it is as you say - you’d have a perfect case to dispute that transaction as you did not authorise it.

Considering there are PIN-less transaction and considering DCC appeared after you entered the PIN, I’d be wary to say the PIN alone is the final authorisation.

Anyhow, depending on how Apple set it up, it could easily be they will also get the transaction information only after a conversion.

And if not, you’ll enjoy the double-conversion ride :smiley:

Exactly. Standard Revolut’s mechanism will be used.

Apple Pay allows for it. When you make a payment, the amount goes into pending then confirmed within 1-2 business days. Hence how banks can charge the right currency conversion.

EDIT: also :smiley: google pay works on UK BINs but no on the Italian BINs (Silver Card)

Guys, when I’ve seen so much activity on this Apple Pay thread my heart skipped a bit. Don’t play around here without Apple Pay rumors, some of us are very emotional :smile: .


Out of curiosity, why is support for those “Pay” platforms so important? What is it you cant do with the card itself? :thinking: :sunglasses:

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It is far more convenient to use my Apple Watch or iPhone to pay than it is to take my wallet out of my pocket, take the relevant card out of my wallet, pay, put the card back into my wallet and put my wallet back into my pocket. And there’s no transaction limit on Apple Pay, so it’s much faster than a physical card (with chip & PIN) for larger purchases.


I think we are discussing something that is already pointless. I mean the DCC with apple pay. Why someone wants to pay in his/her home currency instead of local, without any additional transaction or fx fees?

Revolut is coming soon in France but not in Italy

It looked similarly when Revolut was lunching on google pay. On German site logo was present meanwhile in Poland there was no information. I wouldn’t draw conclusions based strictly on that one.

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They also said it will come first to France. It just seems to support what they said.

I think this tweet is kind of contradictory to the whole France being first thing. :thinking:

Well, I would give a statement from head of mobile a higher credibility than an unknown member from the social media team. Two thoughts: the announcement on the French Apple page does support the „France fist“ statement. And I have never seen a bank introducing Apple Pay in a „beta test“ mode. But similar rumors about an „internal beta test“ at a German bank a while ago where dismissed by payment experts. They said Apple does not allow public tests. You go either online with it or you don‘t. I am tempted to believe this.

Is “France fist” the French version of Marvel’s Iron Fist? :wink: #SCNR

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