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Well, why not, Apple Pay is available in all these countries. :wink:

I didn’t change the apple ID, my apple ID has a billing address in Belgium.

just for your information here are the details about how I’ve obtained a BOON card in Apple Pay while living in Belgium. First of all I have 3 different Apple ID, the main one (to which the iphone is linked) is a belgian Apple ID, then I have a secondary italian Apple ID and a third US apple ID.

But the important fact is that the iphone is linked to the main Apple ID and it’s a Belgian one.

  1. I went in the App Store and I logged in with the italian Apple ID just in order to download the BOON app (that isn’t available in the belgian app store), then I’ve changed back the Apple ID in the App Store to the belgian one

  2. I’ve activated the boon account with a +39 phone number and I got the boon virtual mastercard

  3. I’ve changed the phone region to Italy in Settings - General - Language & Region

  4. I’ve added the card to Apple Pay

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Exactly! And this is what I described. For downloading the Italian boon app, the Italian Apple ID is necessary. And since Apple does not verify Apple ID addresses (I can set up an Italian Apple account here right now with a fake but valid Italian address), this is a verification loophole.* You’re right that the phone has not to be set permanently to that specific Apple ID. But you confirmed now that you had to change your Apple ID to an Italian one in the first place.

*Apple uses card issuance codes or country specific gift cards for this. This is archaic and does not make sense in a cross boarder single market like the EEA, but this is how DRM works for iTunes since the beginning.

yes but this scenario doesn’t apply to revolut, because the revolut app is available worldwide with all Apple IDs.

So I don’t know how they can restrict the usage of Apple Pay only to France.

The same way N26 and Bunq do it.

N26 issues local cards that’s why you can use your N26 for iTunes of your country.

Okay, it’s something that has changed then. I am relatively sure it wasn’t like this when they made Apple Pay first available in France. I am glad that they are doing it, though. It’s just more convenient for customers.

did they say something yesterday during the live on facebook about Apple Pay?

Nothing that I’m aware of.

I can’t believe Apple is still getting away with this. It’s a blatant breach of Article 20 of Directive 2006/123/EC.

Yes, it’s a sad story. Someone in Cupertino has no idea what the EU actually is.


Ahaha that’s ironic, choosing Ireland as a tax paying country!


I could say the same about 51.89% of my compatriots here in the UK.


I am quite positive that this kind of regional locking system won’t be the case for Revolut :slight_smile: I’ve read a few articles where Romania’s Revolut country manager (Irina Scarlat) has been questioned about Apple and Google Pay and said that these payment systems will get here firstly through Revolut and then expand to the existing banks :star_struck:

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That’s still pretty vague. Revolut might be first in some countries with that feature, but it can be still dependent on Apples / Googles start in certain markets. Also, they said during an official London event (not the last, the one before) it is most likely coming first to France. The French Apple page seems to support this. Such an announcement does not make sense if it’s going to work without any regional lock, I guess?

I wonder whether Apple Pay will prevent dynamic currency conversion. I’ve seen DCC happen in Spain on a contactless Revolut card payment. The PIN had to be entered because it was over the Spanish €20 contactless limit, after which a question appeared on the card terminal asking whether to process the transaction in GBP. But with Apple Pay, the transaction amount is immediately confirmed to the card holder’s iPhone, so there might be no opportunity for DCC. Also Apple might not allow the currency and amount to be changed.

Changed from what? If the merchant hits them with a GBP charge in Spain I guess they wont refuse it, will they? The conversion takes places before it goes to your payment processor, be that Revolut or Apple.

Changed from the EUR amount that was authorised.

The card terminal shows a EUR amount. The card holder pays contactlessly and hands the terminal back to the merchant. The card terminal then asks whether the authorised transaction currency and amount should be changed to a GBP amount (with a hefty additional percentage added). The merchant then presses the button for “yes”, causing the GBP amount to be charged. I’ve seen this happen in Spain.

Thats the problem, with DCC you dont authorise the euro amount but the sterling amount in case of Revolut (or any other UK issued card).