Apple Pay support


That quick??? Lightning speed can suck it compared to Revolut


We have a new deadline :slight_smile:


Of course it will be …


Do you all pay a lot with Apple Pay and/or Android Pay ?

I mean, I always though it’s a little pain in the ass to always take out your whole phone for a payment…it find it simpler to just use a contactless cards…

I live in France and I never saw someone paying with it ( but I live in a small town with only 60k inhabitants… )


about 90% in case of me.
It was 99%, but now I’m sometimes using Revolut and Curve cards (none of them offer Google Pay)


lol ok :wink: that’s ALOT :wink:

Do you live in the USA ? I know a lot of merchant are supporting Apple Pay here…


No. I live in Poland and I use Google Pay.


Thanks :wink: We are losing the race here…East countries are so innovative and in front of the old West countries…


Now when I bought Android phone I use Google Pay almost every time. (Czech republic)
I haven`t used my card since then.


I always use Apple Pay too with N26. Unless the merchant doesn’t accept it. It makes payments easier.
Revolut app is much better, it’s not just a Bank and I can’t wait to have Apple pay on it. I would use revolut as my main bank.

El El dom, 15 jul 2018 a las 23:06, luplcz escribió:


I actually use Apple Pay for a long time, for personal reasons I could use it from start with an US card; but back home it wasn’t that interesting due to the FX rates (US$ card) until boon came out with an EUR account, and for over a year now I use a account for my daily payment shit and use it exclusively with Apple Pay, I don’t think I used the physical card at all yet :wink:

Except the usual discussions with some merchants about contactless payments in general, some positive, most negative - it works flawlessly.

I do use cards too though for different things in different situations, just what suits best.

But yes, I’m basically using Apple Pay more or less daily for paying for some food stuff or whatnot. The only thing that sounded better than is practical is Apple Pay with the Apple Watch - in 95% of all cases the POS terminal is not reachable comfortably with the watch, so I use the phone instead which is not what I was expecting but well, minor inconvenience.

(I also use Android-based HCE Apps and Google Pay sometimes, but the experience is usually much worse due to handling issues on Android platforms, but that’s a personal experience, milage may vary)


I don’t think I’ll ever use Revolut with Apple Pay when I have a Barclaycard Rewards card (not to mention I have like 3 other options)…but could be useful while I’m abroad in VISA only areas.


I have used Apple pay for my Russian bank account and use a lot when I come to Russia for business deals.
Using your watch or phone almost everywhere (include bus and underground) it is great. I actually do not have a physical Russian card and I use this bank account only with Apple Pay or online banking.


Especially if you have an Apple Watch it’s a no brainer. It’s extremely convenient. Plus, you can leave the phone and the wallet at home.


Almost for everything I use either my iPhone or Apple Watch and definitely faster than looking for cards in the wallet.


There are rumors that Mastercard can be enrolled into Google Pay :sunglasses:.


Although not confirmed by Revolut, on the Android thread there are pretty convincing evidence from several users who did and one who actually made a transaction.


Tried it out myself on a spare Android phone. The Visa cards are not yet accepted, but MasterCard worked flawlessly! Can’t wait to test it out in store tomorrow :star_struck:


Tried both visa and MC. I’m going to cry :sob:


I hope it’s not a f***ing dream! :crazy_face: