Apple Pay support

Again: wrong is that EU laws are basically written by lobbyists. Once the exceptions are there, what else can you expect from financial institutes and media conglomerates than to take advantage.

It’s not about creating exceptions. It’s that financial and non-financial legislation is written separately. The UK does exactly the same with its domestic legislation.

Audiovisual services, including services the principle purpose of which is the provision of access to broadcasts of sports events and which are provided on the basis of exclusive territorial licenses, are excluded from the scope of this Regulation. Access to retail financial services, including payment services, should therefore also be excluded

Edit: not saying you’re wrong. But the point is that it is entirely the EU’s fault that the principle of the European Single Market is violated if by definition (through their own legislation) the market is not a single market.

I agree. That’s why I suggested above that the EU should implement legislation to outlaw geo-blocking of non-credit financial services within the EEA. They need to go further to make it a genuinely single market for all types of goods and services. They’re getting there, but too slowly.

Word! I didn‘t know that its restricted by residence. Funny thing is that I‘ve got a travel cash card from swissbankers and can use it in apple pay even though Im a LIE resident…

has anyone been able to add MC virtual to apple pay? I have an UK MC virtual, but I am not able to add it to apple pay.
As I was reading this thread, I noticed that visa is most commonly and easier added to apple pay, but I am unable to choose type of virtual card, Revolut support said yesterday that this is random… so Revolut randomly offers you card type. Any workaround?

I also got this answer from Revolut support regarding apple pay…
This is quite frustrating…


Yeah, works smoothly!

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been wondering why I cannot re-add my German Maestro. Guess that’s the reason.

My physical VISA and Metal card work without any issues.

which type of card did you add? Visa? or MC?

Virtual MC (5273 46)

I could add my virtual mc (same BIN) yesterday. No idea why the :r: app displays again the button to add the card to Apple Wallet.

Do you have any ideas of how I could add the MC (5273 46) BIN to Apple Wallet? I have changed the address and generated a new virtual card but the “Add to Wallet” button did not appeared. The phone is set to US region but I don’t think that this could be a problem. Thanks!

You don’t have to use that button in the app. Just go to Wallet directly and add your card there.

I tried and it’s not working :cry:

Did you try to contact the support team?

Nope. I’m not in a country where Apple Pay is officially supported :laughing:

Don’t do something stupid. Just wait.

Absolute shocker. Wait for the official launch :slight_smile:

@AndreasK I think it’s time you start telling people to stop breaching ToS or face consequences.


I think soon will be available in more countries:

I agree with that.

Albeit we are waiting for Apple Pay support in Bulgaria, and definitely will be a big deal, as Revolut is the only official financial institution in the state that may be offering it.

I think this will be a potential deal-winner for many customers in Bulgaria, especially after Revolut opened office here in Sofia and currently hiring.

I hope we will see Apple Pay support in Bulgaria soon

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