Apple Pay support

Not working here…
Any specific details?

I’ve managed to added virtual Visa with Ireland regional settings.

Hi, I am from Slovakia (Apple Pay is not official supported yet). I changed region to CZE and tried to add my Revolut VISA card to wallet. It was successfully. After that I changed region back to Slovakia and card still stay in wallet.

I’ve added virtual VISA card to my wallet (Poland)

I could add my standard physical MasterCard, awesome :r:

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I was able to add my Visa card, but can’t activate it because I’m not in my home country. The activation code SMS isn’t delivered when my SIM card is in roaming. I had the same issue activating Fitbit pay. I hope they fix it or I wait until I’m back home.

Managed to add the card. Standard MasterCard.

Both mastercard and mastercard metal work in France. I am a new user and I cannot put images.

I managed to add my premium MasterCard and the beta Visa card to Apple Pay. Also a non premium MasterCard from my dad worked. I’m from Slovenija.

Probably outdated BIN database.

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Doesn’t work yet. This is so painfully slow.

Set region to Ireland.
Able to add Virtual Visa, MasterCard is a no go.

Can you still pay with it?

check your card’s BIN
it may not be the region but the card number

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So at last the „beginning of June“ became reality after all the „coming soon“ jokes. Great - What a nice combination, Revolut and Apple Pay.
I’m from Switzerland and I could add a virtual and a physical Visa Card. BIN from both is UK. I could not add a MasterCard with a BIN from Switzerland. I guess this MasterCard can be added later - end of June .


Italy here. Successfully added Premium MasterCard. About time!

I have the same BIN as you, the old Premium MC (5352 98) and it just wont work for me…

Does a specified region needs to be set?

I have 5391 23 and it works with Czech region.

Update. I asked Revolut support, who advised me to remove the virtual MasterCard and add a new one. Their advice was excellent, as it solved the problem. In contrast, replacing the card didn’t solve the problem when I got the same error with both Amex UK and Amex Germany.

So I now have Apple Pay on Revolut with both Visa and MasterCard. I see a small design problem. It’s impossible to distinguish between Visa and MasterCard in Apple Wallet, because the Visa and MasterCard logos are at the bottom of the cards (accurately representing the physical cards) rather than at the top. Perhaps this ought to be changed to the top, particularly for virtual cards that don’t represent a physical card.




(All regions where Apple Pay is live work. In other regions, iOS doesn’t offer the option to add cards to the wallet app.)

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