Apple Pay support


the three stooges? :slight_smile:


Lying to their customers should be a very SERIOUS thing.

In my opinion, Revolut should release an official explanation about Apple Pay.

Not having Apple Pay is acceptable, but being told “it’s coming on the next weeks” and that was 1 year and half ago it’s totally unacceptable.


I have already moved on with other more complete and stable options, so i don’t expect anything and i’m not going to bother posting anymore.

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I take your point but, it is reasonably well known that Apple is extremely secretive and demand that the process of setting up Apple Pay is not discussed. I think it is because they like to announce it first. This, I guess, has lead to any delays appearing as lies. Because since revolut are bound to secrecy they therefore cannot announce the cause of any delay making them look like liars. Once again I think revolut realise just how important this is to their users and therefore are definitely implementing it. Just wait, it will come.

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How about Google Pay? Is it as secret as Apple?


This is true.

Although it’s likely that they’re trying to release at the same time. And talk of one and not the other could be a bad move for Revolut. Also, If they were to announce for android pay that might irritate Apple Pay users (bad for Revolut).

All that being said yet another promise: see the post at Revolut NFC bracelet


I don’t think it’s as demand process as we think it is. In December 5 major banks in Poland have started negotiation process with Apple. Yesterday we learned from 2 independed sources that this service is coming live in two banks as early as in June.
The bigger pool of potential customers in specific institution the better negotiation position for it. I think Revolut should have the upper hand here, as it would greatly bump global AP % usage and bring more revenue compared to regular banks in abroad situations due to lack of spreads and other fees. Revolut may just doesn’t care.


Until it does go live though all you have is exactly what Revolut have done. “It’s coming in a few weeks / months” only to have a delay for whatever reason. Also, if it is an independent source then neither party, Apple or the banks themselves, have announced their support for Apple Pay; again, no difference.

Like I said, just wait. I have faith that it’s coming even if you may be losing yours. I cannot see any logical reason for Revolut to do what they have so far without them genuinely trying hard to implement.


Great. Karol Sadaja, Revolut’s manager in Poland, during Payment Meeting Conference just said that mobile payments will be introduced, but Google Pay will be introduced prior Apple Pay :crying_cat_face:. claims that the first one may go live within next quarter, so ye, at least another 6 months overdue coming


Let me illustrate this with animals to turn this frustration sweeter


Jakieś źróło/ Any source?


See. www.

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Competitors are not asleep. Got a message from Starling Bank today that they have implemented Apple Pay and made it easy to add their virtual card to the Wallet straight from their app!!! I’ve tested it and it works beautifully! You can add the card to both your iPhone the Apple Watch.

Any ETA on Apple Pay support @ Revolut?


TransferWise are also working on adding Apple Pay. It would be quite funny if they did it first.


Funny? Not for Revolut users, I think… :frowning:

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I would find it amusing :wink:


@AndreasK would you care to comment on  Pay ETA?


Some people say Google Pay will probably announce more countries and more banks either right before or during the Google IO (8-10th of May).

Let’s pray for that, and get disappointed again :clap:


Nice to see they’re focusing on the important things like stainless steel cards and not, you know, new ways to pay.