Apple Pay support

Hmm, actually I’m not interested to have Apple Pay top-up option at all. I would like to use my Revolut card for spending with Apple Pay. :-/


Like all of us, that’s the beginning. It will be simpler at least now to top up for supported Pay countries. :slight_smile:

PS: Actually they can’t provide Pay for Spending because of a license issue. Conditions will surely be better in 6-12 months if I remember well.


I think this can’t happen because of the nature of Revolut but still I support this idea because it would be awesome.

Also it will be very good if you can add your Revolut card on your wallet to pay via NFC

Revolut will have its MasterCard Principle License in the next 6-12 months as announced to investors. We talked about this in a similar post (can search it) w/ official response. They didn’t close the way for Pay Spending down the road. :wink:


Revolut should NOT prioritize Apple exclusive services at the expense of other customers. Number one priority for Revolut should be supporting services all customers can use equally. I have to use Revolut using Bluestacks android emulation on PC because Revolute STILL doesn’t have a Windows app I can use on my Windows tablet or Windows Phone, or even a simple web app. Revolut should concentrate on getting contactless cards out to all customers, as these can be used by anyone without an app and are not tied to a specific phone model. Once that is implemented, and once they have a Universal app or web app, then they should look to supporting Android Pay, other phones using Host Card Emulation, and Apple Pay, equally.


Hey @edward & @anon33247966 can you give us a little update on your plans to implement Apple Pay for payments? I believe Revolut has to become its own card issuer in order to implement Apple Pay, is that right?


Not Revolut’s fault if you have a WP smartphone … who the hell still uses them? It’s a revolutionary company, not legacy.


You don’t have to be rude – I wasn’t attacking anyone’s choice of phone. As it happens, Windows 10 is on 400 million devices, so a Universal Windows Platform App would be “revolutionary”, and could be run on Windows tablets, PCs, phones, Xbox, and HoloLens. But I was really talking about Revolut attending to the basics: it doesn’t even have a Web app, and this is actually a serious problem when people lose their phones or have them stolen while travelling. There is another world out there, on the other side of your Apple Logo. Sorry if that’s news to you.

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I am not convinced that a web app is so important. There is a reason that fintech startups are focusing on apps and not on web apps. The app/phone combination provides an extra authentication factor that enhances the security of your account. A hacker cannot simply install the app and add your account to it. A web app is not linked to a specific device so lacks the increased security. Logins would be very cumbersome to compensate for this. Imagine the registration process to connect your account to the app, but then every time you login.

Furthermore, if you lose your phone, a web app won’t be of any use since it would likely require a authentication sms from your phone.

Here is my support for Apple Pay.
Long live Revolut!


It will be great. The question is if it will be working in all countries.

We’re working towards this by taking steps to become our own issuer. Hopefully we’ll be able to implement this further down the line!


As mentionnes by @anon33247966, Revolut will be able to implement Apple Pay (Pay) after becoming their own issuer which require the MasterCard Principle License. [quote=“julien, post:59, topic:181”]
Revolut will have its MasterCard Principle License in the next 6-12 months as announced to investors.



Clearly you’ve never had both your card and phone stolen at the same time. Unfortunately this is a very common combination targeted by thieves. In that case, you’re pretty much stuck with Revolut. This happened to my son when he was travelling in Chile, and the hassle with getting the card blocked and organizing a replacement was not something he could have managed if I hadn’t been at home back in the UK to try to sort out the mess. If one of my bank cards and phone is stolen, I can still get into my bank’s Web platform, and of course they have 24h emergency phone lines, etc. Enabling the security of a Web app is really not rocket science nowadays – any old bank can do it. The web app can allow restricted access for username/password combinations, which would allow blocking the card, topping up, and chat with Revolut support, but would require SMS verification for disabling card security and for outbound transactions. It’s really not hard, and needs to be a priority for Revolut.

Hi @Geoffrey,

Thank you for your feed back.
You can block your card on the app anytime, if unable you can do it via our automated phone line +442033228352.

We have recently opened a supplementary support office, and looking to implement 24/7 support soon.


Andreas K.


It’s very important to consider the implications of being Apple Pay compatible. If revolut join and accept the fee, lots of people will join and existing people will Store even more money in their card as they pay for travel, shopping etc. This extra influx in usage and storage of money will benefit revolut.

It’s like those annoying shops that charge people .50p to use their debit card. The amount of customers they lose because they simply throw the fee at people. Drop the fee, attract more customers. Customers = more money.


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I think it’s difficult to estimate how much more people would use Revolut if they integrated Apple pay for payments. (They already have it for Top-ups)

I believe that for Revolut to “accept” the fee in the hope of gaining more customers goes against their philosophy of being upfront and transparent.

There are no free lunches in the world, the customer always pays, I prefer to shop where they charge me 50p to use my debit card because there I have choice and I know that these guys will not just increase my food shop indirectly by 50p.

Revolut is about a Revolution :wink: the moment we give in to these gimmicks is the moment this product dies IMHO.

and what about samsung pay? I think it’s more cheap for revolut and with mst more usable

Yeah but Apple Pay is available in countries like France Spain Japan Russia Switzerland Australia Singapore New Zealand where Samsung pay isn’t