Apple Pay support

I have no idea. Stalling simply.

So when your Mastercard expires they will replace it with a new Mastercard?

Yes, MasterCard will still be available, but you’ll also have the option to get a Visa :slight_smile:


Can you please provide a link to this Visa and MasterCard sistuation? I have not heard about it and would like to check it out :). Thank you.

The Visa cards are still in beta, if you’d like to order one, you can message @anon33247966 :slight_smile:


I did :slight_smile: Found the theme here on the forum, thank you :slight_smile:

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Would love one but can’t message him… do I have to have made a certain amount of posts first?

You have to be “one day old” on the community and have at least one post, @mangomonkey. Only 23 hours and 54 minutes left :smile:

(you can always ask the person to DM you first)

Thanks that’s good of you. I have requested a direct message re the Visa cards so hopefully he will pick it up. If not will try again tomorrow. Thanks again for your help.

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I also agree too with you

Does Revolut plan launch Apple Pay in all EU countries based on your future agreement with Apple in UK? If in Poland Apple Pay will not available I could change my iPhone region setting from Poland to UK, add Revolut card to Wallet and restore regional settings to Poland

Probably in this year Apple Pay will be available in Poland. It is already on tests by PKO BP ( - link is not in English language unfortunately)

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I see that you probably haven’t read this article:

Little shortcut (in Polish):

*“Dla polskich użytkowników szykujemy przede wszystkim wsparcie Apple
Pay/Android Pay i polski numer konta bankowego, jako nasze dwa
najważniejsze priorytety.” *

It means that in Poland until the end of this year we should have Polish
accounts and Apple / Android Pay


I just hope they will turn it on in the Czech Republic and not just in some countries.
Right now I have to use Boon. by Wirecard…

I think we should read it rather in this way: Apple/ Android Pay until the
end of this year will be provided :joy:

It could be really soon - look at the twitter -

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Yes, you’re right. The end of year is very soon too :joy:

This now looks unlikely as a blog post is due in a couple of weeks…

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The changelog of the latest app update says there will be a update in the next two weeks.