Apple Pay support

That’s what I’ve done. I previously had a Visa virtual card, and I’ve just changed it to MasterCard.

5391 23 (old PaySafe BIN) MasterCard works in Czech Republic too. Even though support tried to told me that it’s not gonna work. lmao :smiley: Now I have Visa + MasterCard in Apple Pay. :heart_eyes::star_struck:


I’ve just tested paying with Revolut Visa through Apple Pay and it works perfectly! :smiley:


I added one of my virtual cards (uk revolut bin) to apple pay and then with an android phone I checked the underling card which apple pay provides for security and it is from US.


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Live! From France


Hey guys. I have been reading this thread basically every day since 2017. I just registered here today and wanted to confirm that switching to UK region and adding cards to ApplePay worked for my both MasterCard and Visa cards (I’m from Lithuania). I don’t know their BINs but the MasterCard one is one of the first ones since 2016 July and I got my Visa card when they just started making them and offered them only to people that would fill up some sort of form. I’m so happy about ApplePay! Congratulations all :smiley:

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For me one bin site says Denmark and the other one says uk. Go figure.

Not working here…
Any specific details?

I’ve managed to added virtual Visa with Ireland regional settings.

Hi, I am from Slovakia (Apple Pay is not official supported yet). I changed region to CZE and tried to add my Revolut VISA card to wallet. It was successfully. After that I changed region back to Slovakia and card still stay in wallet.

I’ve added virtual VISA card to my wallet (Poland)

I could add my standard physical MasterCard, awesome :r:

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I was able to add my Visa card, but can’t activate it because I’m not in my home country. The activation code SMS isn’t delivered when my SIM card is in roaming. I had the same issue activating Fitbit pay. I hope they fix it or I wait until I’m back home.

Managed to add the card. Standard MasterCard.

Both mastercard and mastercard metal work in France. I am a new user and I cannot put images.

I managed to add my premium MasterCard and the beta Visa card to Apple Pay. Also a non premium MasterCard from my dad worked. I’m from Slovenija.

Probably outdated BIN database.

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Doesn’t work yet. This is so painfully slow.

Set region to Ireland.
Able to add Virtual Visa, MasterCard is a no go.