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Sherbibv didn’t said he added it from the Revolut app. He simply copied the virtual card numbers into the Wallet app as a manual card

It’s working for me with my old card, which has a uk bin. I’m from Spain tho.


You do you, just be careful posting any more posts about your card, as only 8 digits left uncovered :slight_smile:

I went exactly to T&Cs, and my Visa BIN 4596 54 was confirmed Added.

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For me it indeed worked with

  • (older) Premium MC ( 5352 98 )
  • (“beta”) VISA ( 4596 54 )

Didn’t work for

  • Maestro ( 6798 35 )
  • Metal MC ( 5273 46 )

Didn’t test

  • any virtual cards
  • standard MC

so far, so good, now all my Apple Pay slots are finally full and I need a 2nd iPhone and a 2nd Apple Watch :wink: (just kidding oc)

I added the virtual card manually. From the wallet app. No option to add the card from Revolut app.

nope :slight_smile: the data are from another card

It could work with 4596, be sure to change the region of your iPhone and Apple Watch to UK, before attempting Apple Pay activation :smiley:

Not necessary. Any region where Apple Pay is available should do it.

My Czech Metal Mastercard doesn’t work. (52734615)

My Visa works. (459654)

lmao INSANE, finally, it has been enabled, after so many mounths!!!

Just added now my Revolut (VISA) card to my Wallet (France) :grin:

  • Visa physical :white_check_mark:
  • Visa virtual :white_check_mark:
  • Mastercard Premium (localized) :no_entry:
  • Mastercard Metal :no_entry:

All reports seem to indicate that UK BIN ranges were activated.


I have now successfully added my Visa card starting 4596 54 (despite it not working earlier this morning), but my virtual MasterCard starting 5273 46, after I accept the T&Cs, still says “Card Not Added. Contact your card issuer for more information”. I previously experienced this error with American Express. It took Amex UK 6 weeks to solve, and it turned out to be a database error in Amex’s Apple-supplied database, which they had never seen before. Because of Amex’s incompetence, I complained to the Financial Ombudsman Service, who awarded me £150 (one third of the £450 annual fee) in compensation for over 5 hours wasted on phone calls to Amex (and to Apple at Amex’s request).


What about generating a new virtual card and trying? It might have a different/more up to date BIN?

Also make sure that the card is not frozen in the Revolut App. Just froze the ApplePay card in Revolut and instantly I got a message from ApplePay that ‘this card is unavailable’. When I unfroze it it began working again in ApplePay

That’s what I’ve done. I previously had a Visa virtual card, and I’ve just changed it to MasterCard.

5391 23 (old PaySafe BIN) MasterCard works in Czech Republic too. Even though support tried to told me that it’s not gonna work. lmao :smiley: Now I have Visa + MasterCard in Apple Pay. :heart_eyes::star_struck:


I’ve just tested paying with Revolut Visa through Apple Pay and it works perfectly! :smiley:


I added one of my virtual cards (uk revolut bin) to apple pay and then with an android phone I checked the underling card which apple pay provides for security and it is from US.


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Live! From France