Apple Pay support

My virtual visa card works with the PlayStation store. But only if i buy stuff through the PlayStation. Also my PlayStation account is US.

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It will be good for Spotify subscriptions as it is cheaper with Czech BIN cards…

Also added a MasterCard ordered a few weeks ago to iTunes Romania Store. Worked.
But also I remember DCC was offered at an ATM - not 100% sure if this was the card used though. Will try again and let you know.

In the French Apple website it is still “Disponible prochainement.” /Available soon/.
Apple Pay France

I have found out weird thing.
I have Mastercards with BINs:
5352 9815 - CZECH
5273 4615 - CZECH
These 2 cannot be added to Apple Pay, message: “your issuer is not supported yet”.
When I change 15 to 17 (e.g. 5352 9817 - DENMARK, 5273 4617 - DENMARK) I got: “This card is not eligible for Apple Pay”.

When entering whole card number 5273 4615 XXXX XXXX (CZECH BIN AGAIN) I got: “your issuer is not supported yet” but when I changed last number I got: “This card is not eligible for Apple Pay”, that’s weird.
Same thing is happening with 5391 2320 XXXX XXXX (THIS IS UK BIN).

I really hope they will make Apple Pay available to ALL REVOLUT users.

I used this BIN database.

What stirs up that hope?

Doesn’t what you found point into the opposite direction and shows how account ranges might be used to limit availability to countries where Apple Pay is availabe?

Yeah, this looks pretty bad. I hope it will be possible to order card to foreign address and get access to AP this way.

How time flies…



I mean “soon” is a flexible term. When you see “soon” in relation to the speed of the continental drift, then we have not even begun waiting :wink:

The last digit of the card number is a check digit, created by the Luhn algorithm as defined by Annex B of ISO/IEC 7812-1. Therefore by changing this last digit, you are creating an invalid card number, and Revolut’s systems no doubt detect that the card number is invalid according to the algorithm.

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I think he was referring to the “last” digit of the first 8 digits. Revolut seems to use “account ranges” now.

I guess It’ll be released with the ios 12 on september 12 (Day of the keynote)


I really hope so…

That would still break the check digit, because the check digit is based on the first 15 digits. If you change one of the first 15 digits without also changing the check digit to the correct digit, then it equally creates an invalid card number.

Let’s just hope they will release support during this Apple event.


It says this topic has a solution, is that an indication that apple pay is coming now?

Just tried adding my revolut card unsucessfully… Does not appear to be solved?

Soon :crazy_face: :skull_and_crossbones:

It’s been like that for years. :see_no_evil:


It just means the original poster (OP) had been happy with an early response (probably from Revolut). It doesn’t mean that Revolut have added this feature however, Apple’s own French site has shown Revolut as coming soon and it looks quite likely that Revolut will be shown off as one of the ‘new Apple Pay partners’ during apples event on September 12th.


Maybe revolut is waiting for 12.

So Apple will be:

New Apple Pay partner in Europe, the biggest fintech Bank, applause :clap: please: REVOLUT!!!

Then everyone will google “what is revolut” and the community will be full of people out of EEA asking when it will be available in their country