Apple Pay "Add a card that is accepted by this app"

The shot was aimed at the Live Agent, not the messenger. :wink: :grinning:

I’m sure I’ll be ridiculed for following up so quickly @anon33247966, but has the Tech team indicated what might the matter be?

Asking with a combination of curiosity (sounds like a significant thing to be missed) and frustration. I’m in the U.S and really want to use Apple pay to top up :slight_smile:

I have the same problem today! I added a new debit card in my Apple Pay this morning, and then I wanted to top up revolut but I can’t see any way to do that, the method of top up by Apple Pay just disappeared in revolut app!

By the way,the new card currency is euro

Same problem here. My Swiss Credit Card worked fine with ApplePay until last Wednesday. After the App Update this method of topping up stopped working. So if it was not deliberately removed in the App it must be a bug. Please fix this. Else Revolut becomes pretty useless to me because topping up via Bank transfer is too expensive and takes too long. Thank you in advance for your help

Are your cards issued in the EEA?

My cards are issued in Switzerland. I am located in Switzerland. My Revolut account is registered to a Swiss address.

I have two cards I regularly use with Apple Pay. One in CHF and one in EUR.
Both have Swiss country codes.
Both worked flawlessly with Revolut until the last App update.

I think this is the issue. Non EEA cards linked to Apple Pay are being rejected. I made an Apple Pay top up this morning with an EEA Card and it went through without any problems.

My card is issued in the UK but it is still being rejected.

Nope, mine is not an EEA card. It’s a Wells Fargo (U.S bank) Card.

I will say however, it worked fine before the 4.13 Revolut iPhone app update last week. So, why the change (if indeed anything changed for this update)?

I’m in a unique situation; I’m working abroad in the U.S for a extended period of time, so naturally I want to use a U.S debit card (paid using this) to top-up ApplePay.

Simply adding this U.S debit card and paying that why incours a c.$/£ 8 fee (based on a £500 top-up), which undoes some of the good / savings that Revolut offers customers.

I guess I’ll have to wait for Revolut to ‘finally’ ‘land’ in the U.S!

@anon33247966 Has there been an acknowledgement by your developers of this being a bug? Can we expect a fix soon? Thank you!

Unfortunately, if you are using a non EEA issued card you won’t be able to top up.

@anon33247966 So this changed out of the blue without a proper announcement? As I said, it worked fine with my cards in the past months until the last App update. You do realize that this leaves Swiss clients without a free CHF top up method? Will we get at least personal CHF IBAN’s VERY soon?

Also, how come @Dan3 's UK card doesn’t work.

Sorry if I insist, but all of this makes little sense.

@Gekko Are you sure you can still top up @anon33247966 's statement would contradict that.

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should not apple pay be anonymous?
each top-up has a different * XXX * number and Revolut should actually not at all experienced with which bank card we pay … apple should always have the same conditions with dealers, no matter with which card?

I am sure it is a programming problem and not dependent on EU, US or other credit cards.


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It is, but will still relay country information.

Still, the whole issue makes no sense.

I don’t see how. These kind of fees already vary drastically even with Apple completely out of the picture. So my guess is that it very much depends on specific cards. Business cards for example have higher merchant fees than consumer cards. American Express is more costly than VISA, and merchant fees depend also on the country the card is issued in. There’s a EU wide regulation in place, but some European countries have even stricter regulations. Apple negotiates their share from the merchant fees independently with every bank, I believe.

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But it looks like only the latest app version is affected.
The lock is not from the system at revolut , only from the app.
Top up with older app version is still possible.


Hi @anon33247966
I’ve been watching closly since mid January and the top-up-fees for swiss customers…
So it was “non EEA-cards == higher fees” until the day before yesterday, now it is “no topup with non EEA-cards” since yesterday?

I know you are “just the messenger” pls don’t get me wrong, but c’mon - is THIS the time for swiss customers to remove our money from the revolut-account while we still can or what?? Revolut is literally locking out swiss customers (by raising fees and blocking non EEA-cards) from using revolut!?

I’ve written this to you a few times now: revolut MUST make an official statement for swiss customers explaining what/why/how happens…

@far_superior Have you been able to test that the old app still works?

Personally, I also think it is only an app bug, but @anon33247966 comment left me wondering.

It is not about locking out someone. It is more about adapting the business to a new regulatory reality.

For a while, topping up with debit cards was free while credit cards had a 1% fee. That is not allowed anymore due to regulatory changes. So Revolut had several options: introduce the same fee for all cards. Or shut down the feature. Or introduce a new fee structure that actually reflects the costs that arise from customers using non-EEA / non-cosumer cards for top ups.

Does this mean the service is less attractive for some customers? Sure. Are they going to address this? Yes, by introducing local CHF IBANs. Is it important to re-evalue an offer from time to time to keep a business sustainable? Of course. Like with ATM fees, it might be a necessity to reduce costs that are generated by some users to keep a basic product for all users free.