Apple do not accept Revolut card

Can’t register Revolut card to my apple account, it’s not supported to buy apps


I guess it depends. Which country is your Apple ID registered in? Apple uses card country codes to determine residency. One needs a UK card for UK iTunes Store, for example.

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Doesn’t that breach Article 20 of Directive 2006/123/EC?

Member States shall ensure that the general conditions of access to a service, which are made available to the public at large by the provider, do not contain discriminatory provisions relating to the nationality or place of residence of the recipient, but without precluding the possibility of providing for differences in the conditions of access where those differences are directly justified by objective criteria.

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I don’t know.

The reason why they do this is the DRM of the iTunes Store. Apple does not have distribution rights for the same stuff across all countries. One needs an Apple ID per country. And a credit card issued in one country is one of the ways to “proof” one’s residency in that country. There are loopholes, sure, Apple does not actually check one’s address, for example. But this is an ancient method they use for decades now.

Also, there is a recent ruling of a European court or a new regulation from the EU parliament that says a service provider must grant access to services for customers when they cross border. It does not mean that Netflix for example has to offer the same service all over Europe. It only means that if you got a UK Netflix account, they have to grant you access to all the UK Netflix stuff when you travel. No geo-fencing here…

I don’t think it’s anything recent, but the above legislation that I quoted from 2006.

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I am not a lawyer. But I would say that Apple is not discriminating you when your foreign issued card does not work with your home country subscription service. As long as they offer other methods to access and pay for the service. Credit cards are not the only payment option in most countries, I believe.

I was referring to this:

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My Revolut card does work on iTunes. (UK Store). Presumably if it’s the case that Apple is locking down card numbers by country of issue, then Revolut cards would only ever work on the UK store (being that Revolut cards are UK issued), regardless of country of residency?


This is long known for iTunes accounts. Country code of a card must match the country of the Apple ID/iTunes store.

Hi guys, same for me… Not really happy about it

I am live in Switzerland. My Apple ID is from Switzerland App Store. It’s accepting my Revolut premium MC card but not Revolut standard Visa card. It’s also not accepting my TransferWise debit MC card.

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I could add my Revolut card to my Apple ID (German App Store). All I had to do was to activate online transactions in the card security settings of the Revolut app. I could even add a virtual card.
You can also add your PayPal account that runs with your Revolut card. That way you end up still using your Revolut card, albeit indirectly. This can also be your only payment information, you don’t necessarily need a credit card connected to your Apple ID.

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You have responded to a pretty old topic.
Back in the days the card were coded (by their number) to have been issued in the UK.
Later that was changed so the cards were recognised as issued in the country of the user (at the time of creating the card).
So the newer cards don’t have these issues anymore.


My Revolut Visa and MC cards have just been refused by Apple Pay. Why? I am based in France.

I live in France and I couldn’t add my Revolut card to Payment and Shipping (to pay I-cloud subscription) until I activated Online Transactions in the Revolut App settings. Then the card was added OK. Thanks for the tip!

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