Appalling customer service


My account has now been locked since Monday 8th May in the evening. There is no phone number to ring to speak to someone to resolve the issue. I put a message on the support and they contacted me at 2am this morning and closed the issue down at 5am as there was no response from me. I was asleep! I am still waiting for a response.
This is appalling customer service, what must I do to resolve it before I go on holiday?


Hi! I recommend reaching out to them on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: as they tend to respond faster there :slight_smile:


I’ve never tried it but there is this number I don’t know if it’s any good for you ,+442033228352

I mean I don’t know if there’s a human being available in the end but if you’re desperate…


That’s just an automated line for cancelling your card(s) :confused:



Hmm… weird! I don’t see this number mentioned anywhere on their website :confused: The automated phone line is actually +442033228352


Yes that’s the same number I put in my first post and which you observed​ was the automated number.

For the office number you need to use Google it seems


I am afraid i have been experiencing the same problems as above. Have decided as a result to take all my money out of Revolut and will look for an alternative provider. Any recommendations?


N26, their support answers in a matter of minutes. Always.