App won't open. But used fine for 10 maths. So can't contact support


Hi. I’ve been using revolut for 10 months with no problems. But in the last 24 hours I cannot open the app either with the passcode or touch ID on my iPhone. When I either key in my passcode orb try touch ID the app just crashes. I therefore can’t contact support which is disappointing as I pay for the premium service. I have shut down my phone and rebooted it without fixing the problem. I wondered if i should delete the app and then reload it but am reluctant to try this as it may want me to set up a new account.


Hi there. Are you using the latest version of the app?


Hi Andreas.

Thanks for your quick reply. Version 4.12.1 was uploaded to my iPhone two days ago via the App store. I can’t confirm whether that update went through fully as I can’t open the app to see what version it is.



What would happen if I deleted the app from my phone and then re-installed it?


Nothing, you would just have to login again. Totally safe :slight_smile:


Thanks Henrik :grinning:. I re-installed the app and it works fine again now. The previous data was there and thankfully the funds in a few currencies.


Great it worked for you. Some notes: All of you data is hosted on Revolut servers/infrastructure which includes all of your funds etc. So there is nothing saved on your phone :slight_smile:


Brilliant. Thanks again :grinning:


Hooray! :tada::tada::tada:

Thank you @henrikbjorn for all your help & time! :muscle: