App version 5.12

Was hoping to sign up for a card & use it for upcoming holiday In New Zealand. Just found out you’re not supporting Android kit kat any more & that the app version you do offer as a download isn’t compatible with my phone.
You say on your website app version 5.12 is compatible with kit kat but not where to download it from. Can you send me a link please?

5.12 is a future release and will be the last to support Kitkat. Current release is 5.10. There are other reasons for non-compatibility such as screen size.

Where did you take this from?

It is easy to mis understand that part from the blog post. But also not unreasonable since they list 21st of August 2018 as the last date for kitkat support. Hard to imagine multiple releases before that date.

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That’s how I read the blog post.

Blog post! That explains it and was not mentioned originally

So yes, it does appear as if 5.12 will be the last version supporting Android 4.4. @mickdawn, that means you can still use Revolut and 5.12 will be the last version you can install and continue to use until they drop support.

Right now 5.10 is the current version and if there is a compatibility issue it is most likely not the version but rather something else.