App Update logged me out and have no option to login.


On Thursday my Revolut app automatically updated and since then I’ve not had access to Revolut.

I registered to Revolut last week and paid for a debit card to be sent to my address, I was extremely excited about opening an account with Revolut as it is a great product. I was tracking my card day by day and the card was sent on the 4th December.

Now I am only able to register on the app and cannot sign in…

Not the best first impression to a company I was genuinely excited to use. Next week I will have a card delivered to my address but will I even be able to use it when the app doesn’t allow me to login?

Unfortunately, Twitter and Facebook replies are few and far between each message they send so not having much luck with Revolut.


Hey @Eastmondo :slight_smile:

As long as you type the same phone number you originally signed up with, you will log in to your account :wink:


Thank you for the fast reply,

Unfortunately, I have tried that also :frowning: When I type the number in it asks me to create a passcode for my Revolut card as if signing up all over again.

3rd page is the 6 digit code they send to my number which never arrives in the 1 minute time. I cannot progress any further with this.


Hey @Eastmondo :slight_smile:

That’s weird, might be a technical glitch :frowning:
You can always reach :r: through Twitter:


Thanks for your help anyway Juliopp :D.

I started a DM with Revolut at 9am this morning on Twitter, only just being asked for my details. I understand they got busy from the Cryptocurrencies update being so popular.

Hope to be able to access my account before the end of the week.


Hi there. Please let me know if you need help.


I have managed to contact the support and get logged in now :smiley:


@AndreasK hi, I am having exactly the same problem. Please could you help?


Sure. Are you able to send me a direct message?


Hi there,

I cannot log in the app anymore. I am beeing kicked out of it right after i enter the password. Is someone able to help me here as i don’t know what to do else.

Thanks for your kindness and understanding.

edit : problem solved !


Sure, let’s get in touch via DM.