App switches between Visa and Mastercard?


In the past few days I’ve checked the app to see what card comes up when I try to order a new one, and at first it was a Mastercard. (I’m a standard user) and then a few days it switched to a Visa, and now it’s Mastercard again??

It’s kind of annoying because I found out it changed when I wanted to order the Visa because some have reported that at certain ATMs (such as some in Spain) don’t charge fees for the Visa but do charge fees for the MasterCard (which is what I have).

I understand that Revolut can’t (or wont) change the type of card that is selected but I wanted to know if anyone has the same thing? Because it’s changed twice in the past week.


Its extreme annoying, Can’t understand why MasterCard then Visa.


It depends on which one they have available, and as of now it’s completely random, unfortunately :no_mouth: In the future, they said that we’ll be able to choose between Visa, MasterCard and Maestro when ordering! :tada:


Yeah. The Revolut “Soon ™”


Swiss People can choose already I don’t know why nobody else is given the choice


Wait where does it say this? I’ve never seen that on here.


Luckily I got card I wanted. But of course, choice must be offered as standart. We are waiting, Revolut ! I hope this matter will be sorted before my current card expires.


It’s never mentioned. The FAQ still answers that question with “Your card scheme will be assigned based on your location and cannot be selected.” Even if you ask support they will recite the FAQ (

But I as a Swiss user could choose a Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro card. I assume that’s valid for all Swiss users as the FAQ states ‘based on location’.


Ohh okay. I’m jealous. And I’m curious as to why they discriminate like that, why do Swiss users get to choose? Revolut is mysterious at times.


Maybe to make up for not offering a CHF IBAN. I don’t know. Maybe I just found a glitch in the Matrix


I am a Swiss (standard) user and could not choose either, so consider yourself lucky :slight_smile:


I just checked again and i can’t choose MC as standard card anymore but still Visa and Maestro.