App support chat not working well

Hello! I have contacted support recently because I need to change my telephone number and, apart from not having got the promised 24/7 support (at some point they just stopped talking to me and been a couple of days without knowing anything from them), I have encountered serious problems with the chat services.

I cannot know if the agent has responded unless I get out of the app and see if there’s a notification on the app icon. Then I have to enter in the app again and because I can’t access my account and my issue is about the change of telephone number, I have to do the process of writing the old number so that support gets the message that I want to talk to them. Basically, I can’t really “chat” with them unless I start the process over and over again every time I want to see their response…

Any help on this? Pleeeeeease?

You could log out and then use the link on the welcome screen “change phone number” or something. Maybe this works better?

Hi Frank,

Doing that was what I have been doing constantly if I wanted to read the support agent messages. Really annoying.

And I haven’t still been able to change the phone number either!

You could send them DMs via Twitter or Facebook as well.

Facebook messenger just gave me an automated response and I don’t have Twitter (yup, there are still people without a Twitter account in this world).

I guess I will have to make one but I haven’t much hope for that one either…

Hi there. Please let me know if you need help!

Hi Andreas, I do need help!

The issue hasn’t been solved yet and no one has got in touch with me yet through the app messengers since last Friday :frowning:

Sure, can you please send me a direct message?

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