App stuck on reviewing documents

My app has been stuck on reviewing my identity for the last two months. I used the camera to take a picture of me and my passport two months ago and still says processing. I use my card for travel so please can you help me?

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Hello @Maul2016,

Thank you for letting us know. We have verified your account.


Andreas K.

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I have the same issue - can you resolve please. Ta

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I have the same problem, can you please help me?

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Having the same issue

@AndreasK i made the identity verification and it has stack on processing before thati made a top up and it doesnt appear on my account

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Did you contact me on Facebook right?

I have the same issue. Can you do something for me?

Hi, I am having the same problem here, and I am leaving in two days !

My account is the same. Stuck on reviewing my documents. Received the card in the post but unable to top up. Annoying

I have the same problem.


Mine is also stuck on this. Has been for nearly a year. Long 10 mins .


Same for me
After 48h i received a message from the support asking for pictures but when I tried to send them (10 min later) they said the support was offline while it 7:30 and should be available until 10

Anyway you could help with that ?
I m traveling tomorrow night and really need the card !!! Thank you

I am having the same exact problem. In app support doesn’t work as well (it says it’s offline). I am traveling to the UK tomorrow night and I need it desperately.

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all doing well!

@Daveberry91 & @goncaloeaguiar you should be able to try again now. Please use clear photos.

@Msougne I can see your account verified :slight_smile:


Andreas K


I have the same problem, the app is stuck on the document verification for a few days now.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi @AndreA - could you please try again now? Make sure the photos are clear not edited and not cropped :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded the pictures again. Thank you!

Great - an agent will review your documents now.

Hello, sorry to comment on a old post, but my app is doing the same.
Could you guys check my account also please?