App stopped working with Android 5.0

Hi there, today i updated my Android version to 5.0 and Revolut app doesnt open, it says “Unfortunately, Revolut has stopped”, i have tried to uninstall and install again, but it is the same. Please help somebody.

What display do you have (how big- bigger than 3,5")?
In which moment do you get this error message?

My display is 13cm x 7cm. I get the message when i click on the App

It is hard to say but seems to be your phone related.
Is your phone rooted?
Are you able to do factory reset?

Thanks I have sorted it out!

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Can you tell us what helped?

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Updated? To 5.0? :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

take your breath again. He is writing about Android version :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you are surprised by the update to version 5 when we already have 8 on the market

That was my point :slight_smile: I am not sure it is quite upgrading when it involves a 3.5 year old version. 9 is almost around the corner :slight_smile:

Same problem…on my Samsung note 3 (android 5.0.1) and revolut app (7.9.1) it starts but is impossible add funds to the account with my debit card. When I try to add money i receive the message: “oops, something went wrong. try later.” I tried tousand times!
I also tried with another phone with android 10 and all works!!! Why I have to change my phone???

Well done for getting your phone to last over 5 years “Respect”


Because the old operating system doesn’t have capabilities to handle new and improved stuffs in Revolut app… it is simple as that

@PeppeB most likely you can flash custom ROM on your phone (with more recent version of android) and keep using your phone and revolut app.
Note3 was with removable battery, just change it once in a while and keep ignore capitalistic world where they want to force you spend money too often for stuff you dont want/need. :+1:

Another reason for a web app! :slight_smile: Simple 2FA app (or SMS) that works on old phones to logon and make transfers over the web.