APP stop working.


I didn’t know where exactly to comment this problem I have.

The thing is that when I try to top up or check whatever the app suddenly stop working. ‘Unfortunately, Revolut has stopped’, it says.

After trying for many times I managed to top up but again it is stopping every time I try to do something on it.

I’m waiting since yesterday for a chat help.

Any solution?

Thank you.


Did it work fine before? Can you remember what changed on your phone since then (other apps, updates, settings, etc.)? One of those changes is the likely culprit.

It seems Revolut app was updated to 4.2 recently, so, if nothing else, it could be an incompatibility between your phone and the new version.

A detailed crash report is available via logcat, best viewed via ADB but I think there are some apps that can show it to you as well. It might be a bit too technical though.

Hi, trulove. Thanks for answering.

To be honest nothing has changed in my phone.

Do you think I should update to the new version?


Should be safe to do so, I’m using the newest version (4.2) at the moment myself. Still, the problem is most likely caused by something else if the previous version used to work fine as well.

The first step is always to look at the logs because it could really be anything (not least a bug in the app). One more general thing you could try though is clearing app data, although you’d probably have to login to Revolut again afterwards, which in theory should be simple but personally I’ve never needed to do it, so I can’t confirm it.

I forgot to thank you.

Thank you!!


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I’m having this exact issue "Unfortunately, Revolut has stopped. Nothing has changed on my phone, no new apps loaded. I have deleted and reinstalled a number of times, it goes in for a few minutes and then comes up with the same error.