App shows WRONG Balance or DIFFERENT balance


What a lame service.
Revolut App on Samsung shows 2,667 Swedish Krona as balance.
Revolut App (for same account, of course) on Moto G shows 1,538 Swedish Krona as balance.
1 Credit Card debit on Samsung, latest CC debit, 2 days ago, totally missing.
Inspite of having balance in several currencies, virtual card suddenly askes to be activated again, that I verify again my Identity, but it all moves around in circles, nothing happens.
I am getting seriously pissed off with the level of inconsistent service.
For a 0.5% to 1% saving it is just not worth it!
Time is money, I use now my normal high street Visa Card which has been working for years without a hiccup.
Revolut is famous for its spinning buttons, i.e. “nothing happens”.


So the amount on the Motorola device is the correct one? Have you tried stopping the application on the Samsung device? Maybe it is some caching issue. Are you sure there is no Internet connectivity issue on the Samsung device?