App security time out lock

Hi all,

Has anyone else been noticing that their Revolut app now locks and requires FaceID/touchID after 30 seconds now?

Previously it used to be longer, 10/15 minutes or so.

I’m on 10.31.1 version of the app and a user in the U.K.
I’ve read of others outside of this community who have also noticed it. But I’m wanting to check on here for more confirmation.

Also does anyone know which app version update specifically it came with?
I could’ve find a useful place on Revolut’s website where it lists all the changes with each version of the app. (i.e 10.30 > 10.31 etc)

Revolut on Twitter (yes I still call it that) replied to me saying it was a security change recently for added security to all.
But I’ve also had a reply from another on Twitter saying their app isn’t on the new 30 second auto lock.

So confusion ….


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Hello @JustJosh :wave: ,

Welcome back to our Community. Sorry for the confusion you had lately regarding the auto lock.

We totally get that you’re looking for a list of all the changes made in each app version, but unfortunately, we don’t have that at the moment. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us though! We’ll definitely pass it along to our team for future reference. Stay tuned for updates! :rocket:

SG | Community Team