App reports two different balances for same currency

Please see attached screenshot. The main panel shows my GBP balance as £22, but the smaller scrollable list above shows it as £18.

(Edit) Doesn’t seem to be possible to attach a screenshot. You’ll just have to believe me :blush:

To paste screenshot in here just use Ctrl+V combination. (effect- see below)

Screenshotception :rofl:

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Please advise how I do Ctrl-V from an Android phone.

On Android phone is easy. Just take a screenshot and use this button:

That’s what I assumed. Unfortunately, the button does nothing.
So, Revolut will just have to believe me, or chose to ignore their bug.

You can take a screenshot, copy the file to a computer, and post it from there.

The bug is reported. It is up to Revolut what they do with it.

Thats the right attitude :wink:

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