App problem

Hi gave a problem with my card I need to unblock it but have no acces to my account

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What do you mean writing “unblock”? Unfreeze?
Why don’y you have access to your account? Lost phone or something else?

How can I unblock my card without app

Hi there.

I can see your card fully active!

I try to contact with revolut but no response

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Hi the same thing is happening to me I can’t login and I can’t use my card can you help me please?

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How can I switch to the Portuguese language?

If you’re on Android- app’s language is the same as system’s. (if not- change system language from “Default” to your desired)

Dear Revolut,

My account it has been locked for weeks now, and the app live chat doesn’t seam to work, I’m not able to get live agents.

I’ve tried for weeks now, my patience is close to zero!

Can you please help.

Hi there, I have same problem. I have received a multiple texts for unusual activity and my card and the app it’s frozen now. I’m trying to contact someone but the computer it isn’t very helpful. Would you help me guys? That happened long time ago and I wasn’t able to use the card for about a year I just fixed and it’s happening again.