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What does the “Trust This Device” option in the Security section do?

A search didn’t help.


I’ve spotted this option as well without further explanation. Anybody knows more?

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Nom nigdzie nic nie piszą o tym…

Not there in my Android app Version 6.2-beta-119

It’s under security in the options screen. App version 6.1, official released version on Android.

My screen

It’s under Dashboard/Settings

Deepest apologies, I’ve now found it.

Now I agree, WTF is it!

Now in english!
I’m not British too but i don’t come here write in my language.

We should write in English for everyone to understand.

This is one of the newest features, still under study. Well, if you check these options, the system will remember your device as safe and if someone else tried to log in to your account, from another device, additional steps will be taken and you will get a notification.

If correct, that is a great feature. :grin:

However my main worry is what happens if you lose your phone or its gets stolen by one of those moped gangs :frowning:

I have the same beta, and I have it. Can be this connected to the RevP card?

Not available in iOS 6.1 that I can see.

This is what I have:

Sounds like
Remember to disable it then getting a new phone :wink:

Thia is just a wild guess, but maybe it has something to do with whether you want to trust the phone’s biometric authentication (e.g. face-id).

Maybe it an android thing?

Looks like it. Or non-Face ID devices.

I don’t have this option on my iPhone 8 Plus.