App on new iphone

Hi all, I had the R app on my old iPhone, so I downloaded onto new iphone from the cloud. Had to register again with new app and have tried to link my old R card-has money on it-to new app, won’t do it. What now, have tried chat but no one responding!

Hi @shr_mp64,

All you need to do is to download the app on your new mobile device, then tap on " I have already an account, Log in", type your phone number associated with your account and that’s it.

If you are having any issues please contact our support chat or send me a direct message.


Andreas K.

@anon33247966 Same problem and now there are no " I have already an account, Log in" choice only number and Terms and conditions

Can you help me?

That’s the new version of the app.

Are you using the same phone number, as the one you used to sign up?