App now keeps crashing


I have been using the app and the card for some weeks now. Suddenly the app keeps crashing every time I enter my pin or use my fingerprint. I’m on Android Oreo.
Is there any help? I hope the card will still be able to be used.


Sorry now it’s working again. I did run SD Maid Pro which may have helped.


Glad to hear it’s solved! If you need further assistance let me know.


Unfortunately it crashed again the next day. I was abroad in the UK.
Now I’m back home in Malta and it keeps crashing too.
It would be great if you can tell me what’s wrong. Could it be a space issue?


Anyway I read here about reinstalling the app, so I just tried that. After reregistering my mobile number, it appears to be stable now. I will post again if it crashes again. Perhaps the issue happened because I was abroad. It would be great to know how to avoid such an issue in future.


I have had the same issue for several days now. Samsung S8 Oreo, auto update on, Revolut given all permissions. I have send feedback from the phone several times. Please advise.


Try to force stop it and clear the entire application data (you’ll need to re-login again though, so keep the phone number handy)? If that doesnt work try to uninstall and re-install it (basically the same thing as clearing the data, but with less potential pitfalls :slight_smile: )


That did it! Thanks.
For info to help others:
Settings/Apps/Revolut - FORCE STOP, then select Storage, CLEAR CACHE (but this didn’t work so on second attempt) CLEAR DATA. Once app started I needed the phone number and app pin to get back in but all is good :smiley:


In my case uninstalling and reinstalling did the trick.


I’ve had the same issue. Reinistalling and uninstalling or clearing the data makes the app work a few times, but then it goes right back to crashing every time I try to open it - right after I enter my pin.

Can anyone advise??

I’m on android - samsung s8