App now keeps crashing

I have been using the app and the card for some weeks now. Suddenly the app keeps crashing every time I enter my pin or use my fingerprint. I’m on Android Oreo.
Is there any help? I hope the card will still be able to be used.

Sorry now it’s working again. I did run SD Maid Pro which may have helped.

Glad to hear it’s solved! If you need further assistance let me know.

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Unfortunately it crashed again the next day. I was abroad in the UK.
Now I’m back home in Malta and it keeps crashing too.
It would be great if you can tell me what’s wrong. Could it be a space issue?

Anyway I read here about reinstalling the app, so I just tried that. After reregistering my mobile number, it appears to be stable now. I will post again if it crashes again. Perhaps the issue happened because I was abroad. It would be great to know how to avoid such an issue in future.

I have had the same issue for several days now. Samsung S8 Oreo, auto update on, Revolut given all permissions. I have send feedback from the phone several times. Please advise.

Try to force stop it and clear the entire application data (you’ll need to re-login again though, so keep the phone number handy)? If that doesnt work try to uninstall and re-install it (basically the same thing as clearing the data, but with less potential pitfalls :slight_smile: )

That did it! Thanks.
For info to help others:
Settings/Apps/Revolut - FORCE STOP, then select Storage, CLEAR CACHE (but this didn’t work so on second attempt) CLEAR DATA. Once app started I needed the phone number and app pin to get back in but all is good :smiley:

In my case uninstalling and reinstalling did the trick.

I’ve had the same issue. Reinistalling and uninstalling or clearing the data makes the app work a few times, but then it goes right back to crashing every time I try to open it - right after I enter my pin.

Can anyone advise??

I’m on android - samsung s8

Hi, I have a similar issue. For several days now, the app keeps crashing everytime I try to open pin. I don’t even get to the PIN page, it freezes before on the white screen with the Revolut logo and all I can do is send comments, close the app, or check the app info.
I cleared the cache many times, updated it, even became beta tester in the hope it would fix it, nothing. I applied the last update less than an hour ago (6.28), uninstalled it several times too, sent the emails with system info as well, but no changes.

Based in France, using Android 9.


Update - I installed the app on a friends Samsung S9 and managed to get the trasfer through. But this is absolutely unacceptable and not a workable solution!


The app crashes at various points during the navigation, most annoyingly for me, I am trying to make an urgent payment with the money on Revolut but can’t. I have re-installed the app several times without any change. I have installed it on another iPhone - no luck. I have cleared other Apps to free RAM - no change.

Both my iPhones run on iOS 13.3.1, both are iPhone 7 - the apps are also up to date. Any advise on how I can access my funds??