App Notification about change of IBAN from LT to GB


Hi guys,

A while ago I received a notification from the Revolut App that my IBAN has changed from starting LT**** to GB****

This is an issue for me since I have linked the previous /actual LT starting IBAN/ to online selling platforms which do not allow changes of the IBAN code. Now the app on my phone shows the new GB IBAN.

Can I keep the LT IBAN since otherwise this is a great issue for me and brings me a lot of trouble? I never had an issue like this with any of the bank accounts I have.

I look forward to hear from you and what is your suggestion.
The ‘support’ section from the app provided me with the LT IBAN details, however I do not know if I can relay on it and if all the transactions/movement will be visible on the App which displays the GB IBAN…

I am worried with this and I will appreciate any information regarding this issue.

Thank you in advance!



If I consider using the new GB starting IBAN will it change again after time? It may be a silly question, but if I start new e-platforms with this new GB IBAN I won’t be able to change it ever again. So it is a risk for me and I must ask this.