App not working at all......... just me?


App totally down for me… tried to top up couldn’t… Error message ’ We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. please try later. Would love to know what has gone wrong.

Then I saw he app had unlinked my Revolut card. tried to relink but could not

Logged out of app and could not log back in

Uninstalled the app just encase and still not able to log in.

Must be a major tech fault…

Not sure if anyone can actually use the card?

Cant find any news of an outage though and no way to directly contact anyone to know when resolved. I need to use he card this morning.

great product until it goes wrong now in the dark. May have to use my bank card for now.


Looks like they have fixed the fault… Which was quick by the way

Be great to know what happened?

Any chance to be notified of issues in future. You don’t want to be like virgin media who only tell you about issues when you contact them. Lost an 1h this morning trying to get the app to work as thought it must be a local problem…



Hi again! I wanted to let you know that we’re back up and running! Once again, our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you need any other help, feel free to reach back to us. Have a good day.