App not working abroad

I had used Reolut for about two months in the UK without any problems.

But now I am in Thailand and I cannot open the app - it has logged me out and goes straight to the sign up page which requires a UK phone number (no access to anymore) and I don’t want to make a new account.

How can I use my previous, verified account, while I am abroad?

Did you switch your mobile phone’s SIM card?
The Revolut app requires the phone number of the SIM card you initially registered with.
But you can change that by initiating a phone number change from the app while your initial SIM is still in.

Yes, I switched sims. The original sim which I used when registering with Revolut is unavailable now as the contract closed. I still have a British one I used after and the Revolut app still worked fine.

You might want to contact the support, if you can’t do that in-app:

Hi @Randolphgb.

Mind sending me a direct message so I can help sort it out?

I’ve got the same problem can someone help, many thanks.

Hi Jessica

I’m having the same problem as the OP. I am in Thailand and have been logged out of my revolut app. It’s sent a code to my UK mobile but I can’t receive texts until I leave the country.

Is there any way you can help me access the app here in Thailand so that I can top up and check my transactions?

Many thanks!


Hi all, is there a list of countries where Revolut card doesn’t work ? I travel often to Asia and I need to know where I can use it and where I cannot.


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Yes, i would like to know this list too, as i am about to go travelling SE Asia in few weeks. I got a revolut card thinking it would make travelling easier.

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I have been in Asia (Thailand) and had no problems with my cards, but I also didn’t change the SIM from my phone. I have a separate phone with a SIM-card for that country.

Try to search the forum for the country you want to visit to get some specific help and information. :smiley:

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