App no longer working (incompatible with your device) since last night.

for me the same issue ;(
Any solution ?

How do we get rid of this problem?

I have that problem…

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I have the same issue as well. I have reported it to Huawei as well but it only became an issue after updating the app to the 8.26 version. I saw there is a 8.27 version as well but that’s not on the Aptoide yet, not sure if that will fix the issue or not.

If I can give you a hint, don’t use Aptoide for this app… download it from ApkMirror… waaay more safe! :wink:

On ApkMirror v.8.27 is already available…

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Tested with version v8.27

No luck…

Only work around at the moment is install version 8.25, this can be downloaded from APK-Pure and selecting a previous version. (Remember to remove the existing version)

I noticed if you install the official google play services AND playstore (they wont work correctly o huawei handsets) then version 8.26 then does work however installing these services will break other apps.

The best we can do is keep to version 8.25, and get confirmation if they will fix this issue OR confirmation support has now been withdrawn, in which case the account will be closed from my side.

Hopefully the Revolut development team will see sense.


v.8.27.1 is out… bugfixes?

Raised a support ticket with Revolut, and they ping me back to say the issue was resolved.

Did the update, and am now able to log in.

Just like to thank Revolut for the quick response and turnaround in resolving the issue.

Some times tempted to move ALL my banking over to revolut, maybe I shall once they have their UK banking license

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How did you open it? Just curious… :wink:

FRESH install of v.8.27.2 works fine on my Mate 30 Pro (LIO-L29) with

v8.31 and v8.30 are again not working for me. I installed v8.29 and that worked fine.

I have te check what’s new from v8.30

I am using a FairPhone 3 with /e/OS based on android 9.

[Update] I just reported this in the Help Chat in the app. I had to install the latest version (v8.31) reboot my phone and start the app again. After passcode the screen returns black and a system message comes that the app is not responding. I reinstalled v8.29 and that is working fine. I will try a new update later.

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There is a v.8.32 beta out if you want to try…

How can I install v8.32 beta?

Now it should have been released officially on Play Store too…

Anyway old and new versions can be found safely on apkmirror web site. Avoid other untrusted sources like Aptoide & similar…

App dead with latest update on iOS 15.11.1
Revolut v8.34.1 from 30/12
App crashes, because of that I also can’t login on the website, also no chat support outside of the app.

Hi Geoffrey.
I don’t have to install any Program or App to use an App that should be avail for me…
The solution is change the bank and this way I’ll be happy without any more issues ( after so many years using it)

This will happen with all banks moving forward as they all have minimum requirements to maintain security etc.

Just pick up a new phone.

Sorry but it’s not acceptable…this phone is recent, as all updates and my national bank as also an security app and never has this issue…and guys with iPhones from 2016 can use the app…so it’s only a question of iOS and Android

What phone model is it?

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