App login issues

Hi, I can’t login on a new phone. Same number. The app has no way other than creating a new account.

Please help

I have the same problem.

Hi, I am having the same issue and it is quite frustrating on my end. Please help

Same problem here. Unable to access app about 4-5 weeks now. Also no emails arive to my mail.

I have the same kind of issue, I cannot log in: when I enter my passcode ( or if I use the fingerprint) I get an infinite spinner - can someone help me ? I tried killing the app , I tried rebooting my phone, nothing works.

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Hello. I haven’t used Revolut app for some time and today once I opened and entered password it was loading… I restarted my phone and same issue. Then I deleted app and downloaded again. And now I can’t login at all! It shows to enter mobile phone number and only an option to register as new customer. Some notes-I registered in Lithuania and don’t remember which phone number I used. Is there an option to register with email?

I cannot log in. The fingerprint stopped working suddenly, the password didn’t work, but now I am fighting one of two loops. First: the app requests my phone number - then offers me to enter the passcode and nothing happens. Second: when I try the option ‘forgot your passcode’, it provides 6-digit code, requests the last 4 digits of my card and then informs me “you have provided wrong answer” suggesting to submit a selfie alongside with my ID card. Then it requests my email and leaves a promise to send instructions. But nothing happens. I have already tried to reinstalled the app but without success. Very frustrating.

I have the exact same problem.
I just updated to the latest version of Revolut - today.
I logged in and the app asked me for a selfie in order to confirm my id.
As soon as I press to continue - the app immediately returns me to the previous screen asking me to take a selfie.

Every time I press to continue, the camera/photo screen enables and then instantly the app returns me to the previous screen.

I don’t know what else to do.
I cleared the cache,
reboot my phone,
uninstall and reinstall the app but it keeps doing that.

Has anyone find a solution?

For anyone having the same problem, the live support told me to do the following in that particular order:
"Have you tried deleting the app and then clearing the cache, restarting the device and then re-installing the app?
Please be sure to try this. The cache will be the last thing to clear. "

I have a problem logging in. App think the PIN code is wrong even though I haven’t changed it. When I try to change it the app says" please try again later". @AndreasK please help

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Did you get sorted? I have had this for a week

Hello I’m having problems to login on my Revolut app on iPhone. I put my PiN and I can see my available funds for half second then the app got closed every time.
Tried reinstalling same result

Hello! I am having problems login on my Revolut app. When I try to login, the app shuts down after putting my PIN. I’ve already tried reinstalling the app more than once, but it still not working. Can somebody help me please?
Thank you

Did this get resolved? I’m having the exact same issue as of lately.

I have the same issue - have been unable to login to my account for weeks! Can someone assist please?

I installed app in other phone and I can t access to my account.
I lost my mail account.
Please I need it
Thak you

I either can log in in the Revolut app. No error message. Just let me waiting indefinitely.

Hi, I can’t login to the app. And can’t find any other way of contacting support. Signed up back in 2015, but no idea how I now get into my account. Thanks, Rob


I also received notification that I have to verify my ID in the app but when I try to login the app just let’s me waiting. I can’t login in the app, so there is no way to verify my ID ( I already use the app 2 or more years). There is no phone number to call for support nor a chat with support, not even an email support. What should we do?