App login issues

can you tell me what have you done to fix it?

I sent a message on the Revolut facebook page and got an instant response. I had to verify my email and phone number, deleted and downloaded the app on my phone again, and I was able to log into my account.

Every situation is different so I’d advise you to contact them on twitter or facebook for a personalized solution.

Good luck!

Hello everyone. My issue was solved pretty quick after i posted it on twitter. I was needed to verify myself and give all the information for registration again, also last 4 digits from creditcard for top-up, which is understandble. In the end you will get a message and after authorisation you will be able to log in.

So do not wait for help here in forum…do it in social media

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Hello, I have same issue as you have and I can’t get pass identification selfie. White screen pops up and send me back to the start. Did you solve your problem ? I have Xiaomi redmi note 2 phone with android 5.

Yes it was solved. Go on twitter and search for Revolut, comment on their last post saying that you have a problem with the app. they will send you a message and guide you one step at a time.

I have trouble to log in and I can’t not connected with chat online

I cannot log into my revolut. It keeps emailing me an authentication request. Then say “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong” after. How can I access my account?

Hi, i have almost the same login issues with the app. I changed the mobile phone resently, downloaded app to a new phone but i did not get any emails with the verification code. I kindly ask revolut team to help me. Thanks

Hi, I have a big issue. The app is not working and it’s popping a chat with us icon but seems to be offline. Can you please help?

I have the same problem, unable to access the app in days, please help!

Hi there, I cannot log in into the app for months now after i’ve changed the phone number, support chat keeps loading if i manage to log in and i cannot get access to my account, please help !

Same, couldn’t add new beneficiary for transferring money to a bank account, so I tried reinstalling. Now I can’t even log in. “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”

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I got the same problem this morning, impossible to have access to my account …
Please help

que está pasando? tengo el mismo problema, que se puede hacer?

Hello I’m trying to register as new user and I keep getting the “something went wrong” error message, and after a while I get the authorization code but I never get past phone number part. Please contact and help!

Hi, I wasnt able to confirm the transfer so I decided to reinstall the app. Now I can’t even log in… :frowning: could you please help?

I tried to link my other bank account, it didn’t work (“something has gone wrong” error). I was suggested by tech support to uninstall and reinstall the app but now I can’t login anymore (same “something has gone wrong” error). Could you please advise?

Can’t login to app. First my PIN was wrong (but it was good), then I’ve changed PIN and app ask me for selfie. But selfie screen do not appear. It shows camera and get back to “let’s take a selfie” screen again. It’s annoying. I’ve completely uninstalled app and started from scratch - same thing. Selfie camera disappears in half second. Please fix this bug, I need to access my app ASAP.

Dear all,
I have this issue with my account. I can connect to another account with the same phone but I have this issue with this account.

Can you help me please ?

I have the same problem? What I have to do for speaking with someone?

Thank you in advance