App login issues

I have a same problem. Somebody help me. Please!

Hi I have the same problem, after actualice the app yesterday and using a new device, no acces to my account, the app it’s completely blocked, Why Ive to create a new profile, when I dont have any change and have been used the same for years?.. anyone knows if there some mail or other direct way to contact to Revolut?

Same problem here, I wanted to use the app and I’m out of it and it’s not possible to log in, the only thing I can do is to ask for a new account/card.
I can see now that I’m not alone so please Revolt contact us and fix this this issue. We are waiting for you.

Found a solution :
Uninstall the app
Install it again
Do the update
Open the app
Put your phone number / act like you are a new customer
The app should recognise you and show your email address
Choose to send an authentification email
Put the code received on your email account
Take a selfie
Done !

Thanks but no thanks for the Revolut team… I used the live chat on my wife’s app 4 hours ago and still no sign of Revolut.
Reading all the comments here make me wonder if I should keep on using your services.

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I also cannot sign in, when inputting my number I get “The verification code or phone number you entered is incorrect”.

If I go with “Lost access to your phone number?” and I input my number and pin, I get a confirmation email, but when I input the number again, I get an error, saying something bad happened.

I reinstalled the app and rebooted the phone, nothing works. A friend near me has the same issue.

This is a new phone, moved the sim from the old one.


I am having the same problem. I am unable to login and I am going around in the circles.
I tried to uninstall the app and reinstall but I am still unable to access. It keeps bringing me back to the same page

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Revolut is making really bad figure by just ignoring numerious login issues from customers.
No contact, no reaction? I am waiting since 3 days on an answer…even not a solution…only answer!

Are Revolut still working or is it bunkrupt?


I resolved my issues by going on twitter and commenting saying I have a problem with my app. Revolut sent me a private message on twitter and it was resolved step by step.

I resolved same problem by going on twitter and commenting on Revolut’s last post saying I am having a problem with the app. They contacted me with a private message and was able to solve it step by step with the help of someone form Revolut.


Have you figured out what the problem is? I am still trying to get it to work.

Finoc via Revolut Community <>于2020年6月22日 周一11:06写道:

thank you, followed your lead and they replied immediately and fixedit

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yes they fixed it, I contacted via Twitter and they replied immediately

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Hi ! I’ve got the same problem since few days. I deleted the app and reinstalled about 15 times but it’s the same. I can’t log on my account. Anyone can help ?

I moved from the UK in the past months. So I wanted to transfer my money to my now local bank and I can’t even access my account. I am not able to log into my Revolut account. I think Revolut closed my account because I’m living in another country and I lost all my money.

I really need help!

Contact :r: via social media (twitter or facebook). This is a user forum … there is no way we can help you. Good luck!

I have the same problem, I can’t login to the revolut app, after passcode the app is closed. I change my passcode but the same problem still there, after that I uninstall app and reinstall the revolut app but the problem still crashing. After passcode the program closed

I have the same problem more than three days trying to acces and theres no way Revout ignores all claims, what will happen with my money? if the card doesnt work neither I have acces it online?
REVOLUT Give the face and answer to your customers…

A few days ago I lost access to my account without any notification (no Android push notification, no email). I cannot log in to the app and because of this I cannot contact the in-app chat support. I submitted a formal complaint but they didn’t reply to that for days.
I tried to create a new account to access the in-app chat support, but there is no way to - sign-up again, the details are below:

  • If I open the app and insert my phone number then the popup shows: “The verification code or phone number you entered is incorrect.”
  • If I tap “Lost access to your number?” and I insert my number to the “Your previous number” field, then I can enter my passcode, but the next error pops up: “Please restart the app and click sign-up to complete your Revolut profile”, but there is no such sign-up button when I open the app.
    Can you give me some advice to restore my account?
    I use it for months, I had a lot of transactions, I store quite much money on my account, I didn’t do any suspicious action.
    Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advise, I was able to solve the issue. Really appreciate your suggestion :slight_smile:

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Could you share your resolving ? Thanks