App login issues

Same thing for me, it’s a shame. I have a lot of money in this account, wtf they are doing with it ?!?

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem logging into Revolut app. I got a new phone and I don’t have access to the old phone number I used to set-up Revolut. The iPhone was able to download Revolut from the iCloud back-up I had on my previous phone but when I log in Revolut it tell’s me my security code is wrong (which is impossible because I know what it is).

Can you please help me with this?

thanks a lot

I have problem log in, I enter phone number and waiting for email, but he never arive. I clear program data, cache, and try again, never receive email. But for registration to community I receive email…

app suddenly doesn’t give option to log in but only to open a new account by requesting phone number and general information.
There is no way to contact the assistance as this is only available in the app.
Would someone help us?

Hello, login impossible please contact me AndreasK i sent a private message. Thanks.

can’t log in to the app , keeps on telling me to create a new account then blocks me again. its been like this for a week cant report it cant get to my money

hi , did you resolve this i have the same problem

Has this been resolved I’ve been trying to contact Revolut for weeks and I am not getting any responses

I’ve been trying to log into the app, but it keeps telling me to take a selfie which needs to be verified. Then it goes on an infinite load. If I go out from the app, then when I come back I get only a white screen. It’s like the 10th time I tried, even uninstalling and reinstalling the app, for all the day, but still I am not able to log in…

I use iOS 13.4.1 on iphone 7 and yesterday Ive downloaded the last version of Revolut app (7.3) Since then the app crashes everytime I try to log in so I have no way to access my account. Next update should go out asap!

Also reinstalled App.
I have an account and want to log-in, but only can press button “new user”.
Nevertheless, I just did so, and was supposed to verify with a selfie, but the verification of the selfie is still loading/hanging.

So can I please contact somebody to resolve that?

Been trying myself for weeks just want money out and close it

Hi everyone,
After installing, and reinstalling the app several time on my iPhone, I entered my phone number, and then was asked to provide my passcode, and it tells me it is wrong when it is actually the right one, because I tried also on my Android, and it worked without facing any issue… The iPhone being my personal phone, i’d like to be able to log into this one and not on the Android (professional phone). Can someone please help me? Thank you in advance

@AndreasK could you send me a PM please

I am having the same issue - first time I am facing an issue with revolut but it really sucks to not have a support outside of the app. I am in a foreign country and need to do a transfer @AndreasK.

Reinstalled the app and the “your selfie is being verified” window is stuck. Tried to delete the cache, reinstalled again etc…

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Some problem here

Has anyone managed to solve this? i have already try to reach them in facebook, twitter and 3 different chats… nothing…

same here can @AndreasK get back to us pls

I haven’t used Revolut for more than half a year and now I cannot log in to the Revolut App. After I enter the code, the blue circle rotates continuously.

I have this same issue, I use Revolut for my everyday banking and now I can’t track my money because it keeps coming up with the something has gone wrong error. Please help @AndreasK

I have exactly the same problem and I can’t even have accept to any chat