App login issues

Hello, I have had the same problem. I can’t access my account for weeks. It asks to enter my phone number and when I do it says “something has gone wrong” please help I need my account details to process pay for employment I am going to start.

Thank you

Hi Jessica have if the same issue for two days. My mom can’t login into her account. Need urgent help . Thnks

Same problem!! Need help !!!

I cannot log in the app. It says the verifying code or the telephone number is incorrect.

Please help.


I can’t log in. I put my phone number into the app. It knows my email address and says it will send an email, but it never does. Tried numerous times over several days. Think I will get rid of this account as there is no HELP.

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I’ve been trying to get an answer but no luck

I have the same problem, can someone help me please

Exactly the same here for over a month. Has this been fixed for you ?

Try messaging them on Twitter. They responded me in half an hour and found a solution.

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I have the same problem today. Don’t have any social media account like Twitter. How can I contact them?
First the PIN didn’t work.
Then I tried to reset: I could enter a new PIN, but when trying to confirm it, it did nothing at all.
Then I reinstalled the app. My old PIN, which was not accepted before, interestingly was accepted then. Then it tells me to take a selfie, after that it again tells me to take a selfie. There I am stuck now: “Uploading failed”.

Their Twitter account says it does not accept messages.

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Hi, I am having the same problem. I get a pop up saying that the number I entered is invalid. Reinstalling didn’t help and I can’t access the support chat anywhere.

I now managed to get access to the app.
Next problem: When selecting “Show card details” or “Copy Card number”, it wants my to authenticate with my fingerprint, but nothing happens afterwards.
When I select “Use passcode instead” it again doesn’t accept my passcode, which it accepted before, when setting up the reinstalled app.

Also, after taking at least three selfies yesterday, I got an email “We coundn’t verify your ID”
Now I’m not verified, can’t use my cards. Will have to upload my passport again, which is exactly the same one revolut already has.

As for the passcode: not working, changing not possible (after entering the new code for the 2nd time, nothing at all happens).

Having same problem with logging in. Asking me to create an account and then when I enter my dob it says “latin characters not recognised”


Hi - i’m having issues logging in from new phone. Help!

Hi. Sorry I have the same problem.could you contact anybody in revolut?

Hi .sorry I cannot log in my revolut. How can I contact somebody in revolut to get help? Would you please guide me? I am in a real trouble

I have the same problem “try again later” help please

I’ve got the same problem. Can’t log in to the app.
Would really appreciate if someone from Team Revolut could help me out.
Haven’t had access to my account for 2 weeks now
Kind Regards
Per H

This is getting stupid, trying since Friday now to get logged back into the Android App…

Someone please help!!!

Damn thing won’t let me authenticate on a new phone…
It says it’s sent an email and gives you 1 min to respond, only to get the email 9 hours later!!!