App logged me out and can't get back in

I have used my revolut card and app for almost 2 years with few difficulties but today, randomly, the app logged me out and now I can’t get back in. I am using a different sim card to the one I signed up with. I can’t access in app support because…I can’t get in to the app! Does anyone know whether there is a number I can call to get support for this?

Hey @Marieannemckeown :slight_smile:

There’s unfortunately no phone support :phone::frowning:

However, you can still access the in-app support chat by putting your old phone number (even though you don’t own it anymore) and, instead of typing the PIN, clicking Forgot? and then Support on the top-right corner :smile:

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Thanks @Juliopp. I’ll try that now!


Hello @Juliopp,
this is super helpful as I am facing the exact same problem. However, the support function does not let me click on “Send” at all. It’s only a blank window and a text box in the bottom. Any ideas?


I replaced my phone and SIM card. I Couldn’t go through security because I had no idea what my last top up amount was. It all froze up when it tried to redo ID. So I reinstalled the app and I can’t get into the Account at all - it just wants to set me up with a new account… please help