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Hi. I have a problem that I would like to discuss in a new topic. However, I am unable to create a new topic because there is no button. Can anyone tell me how to create a new topic?


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I have moved your Post to a New Topic, please feel free to reach out and let the Community know how they can help :slight_smile:


Hey, what’s the problem with the app you’re facing?


hey! i don’t know if you’re facing the same issue, but in my case, i cannot accept terms and conditions. app is blank, only accept button, i accept and it keeps loading and loading. i have received the documents via email 12 times! no when i try to create an account, it inmediately tells me “something went wrong, try again”… and so on.


Have you updated your app? Could you also share what device you’re trying to do this on?

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Some time ago I set up an account on Revolut. I downloaded the app and even used it. A few days ago I wanted to log in to this app, however, a message appears saying that the access code is wrong. I have not changed this code. It is not possible for there to be a different code.
When I wanted to retrieve the access code, a message comes to the email address, however, nothing happens on the phone. I think the app crashes when I press the button in the email. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I don’t have the power anymore. I can’t even delete this account to set up again!

Thank you!

Hello! Yes, app is updated. I’ve tried from an iPhone 14 Pro and a Xiaomi 11T Pro, both got the same errors

Hi. I am also encountering the exact same issue when signing up for a revolut account.

@Mariana_Rodrigues would you be able to raise the above to see if there’s any common issues around? :pray:t3:

Maybe a bad update recently causing the crashes on multiple devices? Non here personally on Android beta 13 Pixel 6Pro

Hello, I created revolut account some time ago and I havent used it. Today I wanted to start using it and I provided verification. I wanted to log in later and it says my account is deactivated. Without any reason said or anything. What happened and what can I do about it?

Dont know if this is right place to deal with it. But I am lost right now

Hi! I don’t know where to start a topic, my app isn’t working as well. It says Sorry something went wrong, I’ve created a new account.

Can’t login, contact support or use the app am I blocked or something I don’t understand?

Hey Mariana!
I have been signed for beta testing of Revolut a few months ago, and on 11th of December I received email that I can log in and verify (got it to the same email i registered here). However every time I try registering or logging in, it just says “something went wrong, try again later” or just moves me to back to register/login page.

I do receive SMS and email verification so this is not a problem. Updated the app and redownloaded, cleared cache, still same issue.

And I cannot contact Revolut support coz I am not able to register/login :rofl:

Any ideas how to fix this?

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Hello. I couldn’t find how to create a new topic. I live in Azerbaijan. I received an email that I can create an account. I enter my number but the SMS does not come. My friend also received a letter that he can create an account. He created an account and an error came up during verification and he can’t do anything else. I asked my other friend to create an account and he can’t register at all.

I have a business account and i cannot login as the verification email does not come to my mailbox (or in spam).
What can i do?

If you are sure that your e-mail address is correct ask your e-mail provider if they are blocking e-mails (from Revolut). Which one do you use?

I used to receive emails from revolut
Can i suggest you to send the authentification mail to another mailbox?

You have to contact :r: support. I have only a personal account and no idea if there is a special contact option for business users. I could only find “Contact Sales” on their business website.

If you don’t receive certain e-mails you should discuss this with your email service provider. Maybe this is quicker. :slight_smile: Maybe they have an option to temporarily disable blocking of (SPAM) e-mails. In the app you should be able to change your e-mail address (after successful login).

Revolut all of sudden cannot login…
It states “Sorry, revolut doesnt work on emulators” and to use a real device…
I have a Samsung Z Fold 4…
Till yesterday i managed to login to from my older samsung phone, and then, the same thing happened with that. so no way to access.

where can i find a thread for this error? I cleared cache, reinstalled & the same error.

anyone any suggestions?

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That sounds like a technical issue for support to me. You should be able to contact Revolut if you log in via the website rather the app. You will be asked to confirm the log-in attempt in the app (which obviously doesn’t work), just wait 20 seconds and confirmation by email or txt becomes available.

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Are you using any form of VPN or similar in your phone? Or any beta operating software?

Seems unusual for this to happen on both devices.