App improvements


Some improvements I like to see

  • Change PIN from cards in app
  • Account balance calculated during scrolling through transactions
  • Possibility to delete £-account
  • No need for BIC for SEPA transfers
  • Choose card by touch sensitivity Revolut icon iPhone / quick access


Very good ideas. :clap:
Regarding the possibility to delete/deactivate GBP account, I think you can do it now. Just click and hold on it, then slide it left. You should be able to see deactivate icon.


Thanks @SamK.
£-account is archived.


I’d like to see:

  • 3D touch icon actions
  • 3D touch support throughout the app for previewing expanse details etc.
  • Heptic feedback support
  • App widget with account balance info displayed
  • Siri support so I can ask her to send money to other Revolut users
  • Visual representation in analysis tab showing how my expanses are distributed in different categories (pie chart) and line chart showing how expanses differ on weekly, monthly, and yearly basis
  • Apple Pay for payments (it’s been coming “soon” for a year now) – I know it’s in the pipeline, but still