app has stopped signing me in

I am at a loss. I joined the Community only as I have no choice as there is no contact number for Revolut. I have had the app for years and found today that the app will not work, therefore I cannot raise a question or get an answer to my problem. Now when I click on Revolut app it asks for my mobile number then my passcode then texts me a security number, only to come up with message NOT WORKING TRY AGAIN LATER. This goes in circles and I have been trying all day. I checked for known issues on the website but nothing. How do I get back on the app?

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At the begining try to uninstall the app, then install it ones again.

I am afraid if I do that, and it does not work, that I shall have no hope at all of contacting someone from Revolut and gaining their assistance to get it working. Maybe I shall leave it till tomorrow and wait and see if it corrects itself, and if it has not it seems I have little option but to do as you suggest. Thanks

Of course you can wait.
IMHO you have problem and it cannot be worse :slight_smile: but… I can be wrong.
One or another- I would reinstall the app for sure :wink:

Thanks. You were right. When I tried to download the app again my software is now no longer compatible, so I have to buy a new phone as the android version cant be updated on my current hone rendering my banking app un-operable with no notice! If I wish to top up by bank transfer can you tell me what details I would quote until I get my new phone and can do it by the app instead. Thanks in expectation

How would that be different from now?

So you were most likely running an older Revolut version. Which Android version are you running? There are ways to go back to older Revolut versions, which are still supported on your phone but I would strongly advise against it.

HI. I am running android 4.2.2 I realise I need to upgrade my phone now then, so I will get another with higher spec. Until then I wish to to a UK bank transfer to top up my card, but even then with no app I cannot seem to find the Revolut bank account sort code and account number to quote and what reference. Where can I find this other than the app?

Yes, 4.2 is hopelessly outdated :slight_smile: If you get a new one make sure you get at least Android 7.

You’d need to contact support to get your bank details. As you dont have the application installed right now that might be a bit tricky. Try to get hold of them on Facebook or Twitter or contact @anon33247966 here.

Thanks so much. I am a bit of a hopeless computer person so all this is proving a bit challenging for me. I will try your link as not on twitter. I am very grateful to you for your fast responses.

If you want to use it now- I suggest install Android emulator (e.g. BlueStacks) and then Revolut on it). Generaly it can work as a substitut until you’ll buy new phone :slight_smile:

Im sorry to bother you again but the guy from Revolut still doesn’t seem to grasp what I am asking him. I have asked him to tell me what bank details I should quote for a £ trf from my UK bank to my sterling Revolut card and what reference it needs. I just needed a sort ocde, account number and the reference, but instead he sent me Revoluts Iban and Swift numbers that are used for international payments and not even a mention of my refernce number to be quoted. Can you tell me what they are as it’s been a day and a half and I am no nearer- though a new phone is on its way!

I am typical member this community :slight_smile:
So I don’t have these data.
BTW. Revolut offers two kinds of GBP account:
Local- where you have account number (8 digits) and sort code (6 digits) but no referrence number.
Swift- for international wired transfers. Here you have to have IBAN + BIC/ SWIFT.
As it is pooled account you have to have referrence number too.
Everything you can see in the app, or… ask support :slight_smile:

haha, oh Redi thanks anyway. I am after the Local info from him and I understand the process but not why the Revolut team member cannot grasp what I am asking when you have got it and replied in about ten minutes flat. I need the Local details and the reference number from him but I just do not understand why it is so hard to get this info. Anyway, it is what it is, and I am more aware now of how hard it is for Revolut to offer assistance. I appreciate your reply and kind help.

Just for clarification: for domestic GBP transfers to your account shown under local, the reference is not necessary. (That’s only necessary for the pooled accounts used for international transfers.)

ok Frank, thanks for that. I shall assume the sort code is for getting it to Revolut and the account number is specific to me then.

Yes, basically. It’s just the UK standard format for account numbers.