App has reset. Never receive code to phone, can't talk to live chat because keeps resetting. Stuck.



Please can you help me.

My app has reset itself for some reason and j can’t log in. I enter my registered phone number, then I enter my app password and it says a code will be sent to my phone.

I never receive a code (have tried many times).

So I try to use live chat, i ask for an agent, explain the problem and then I am told the waiting time is 6 hours… I wait a few hours and then the app crashes!!! Then I have to start again… This has happened many times now.

It is literally impossible therefore to access my account.

Please contact me and help me! Surely you can generate a code for me and send it to my email.

Live chat would be great if it didn’t keep getting disconnected and I having to start again!

This is urgent too! I need access to my account…I am in trouble!

I am a premium member too.


You can try to receive code via phone call method.


Thank you for the suggestion but I have tried that also, more than 10 times. Nothing. My number definitely works. I have had sent messages and called it from my other phone and my friends phone.


Hello! Please someone help me.

This is absolutely disgraceful.

I have asked my friend to talk to support from his app. He has explained the problem… Even they aren’t listening…

They keep telling him to instruct me to use support to contact them… But I am using support… I wait in the queue for an hour or 2… Then it resets and stupid Rita asks me what my problem is again, then I have to request a live agent AGAIN…

Then it starts all over again. So it is 100% impossible to talk to someone on live chat.

This is absolutely disgusting.


Please someone answer me. This has been going on 2 days. :frowning:


I have the same issue. I neither get the code via sms nor do I get the phone call.


Try today. There were troubles because of crypto currencies update. I had the same problem, but now works.


Hi guys!

Sorry to hear that. Could you please send me a direct message if you’re still facing an issue?


I have had that issue for the last four days or so. Very frustrating…


Let me know if you need help.


I am having the same problem. I am currently travelling so I cannot receive messages on my phone, I just use it with WiFi. Haven’t had access to my account for days now and am very stuck for money.


I need help! Is there any way of getting the verification code via email or some other means?


Could you please reach me out via DM?


Silly question- how do I send a direct message?




I’ll do that for you!