App freezes on 'Send link' screen


Hi guys,

I found a couple of issues:

I requested money from someone who is not a Revolut user.
When I open ‘Resend link’ screen (from accounts -> transaction details -> resend link) and click Back app freezes.
When I click X in the top left corner, the app works ok.

Also, text in the ‘Resend link’ screen is wrong - I requested money, but the text says ‘Send this link and your friend can receive x€ from it.’ Share text is also wrong. It looks like this is wrong only when I want to resend link.

I use Revolut 4.9.1 on Pixel, Android 8.1

Keep up the good work guys :+1:
Best, Dejan


Hi Dejan.

Thank you for your helpful feedback. I’ve passed it on and I’m sure we will get something sorted very soon.


Andreas K.